Data Loggers provide vibration and noise monitoring.

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Vibration Sentry models VS303 and VS316 integrate vibration level meters able to record vibrations on 3 separate axes at acceleration range of ±3 and ±16 G, respectively. Both feature weather-resistant enclosure and operate for up to 2 yr on lithium coin-type battery. Model NS100 Noise Sentry units contain MEMS microphone and can record sound levels up to 110 dB over audible spectrum of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with accuracy of ±2 and ±5 dB. They include on/off button and alarm reset.

Original Press Release:

Convergence Instruments Introduces a New Range of High-Performance, Low-Cost Data Loggers

New Models Add Vibration and Noise Monitoring To Growing Instrument Line

Sherbrooke, Québec -- Convergence Instruments (C.I.) founder and CEO, Dr. Bruno Paillard today announced the addition of two new data logging instruments to their growing line of affordable high-performance devices. Joining their popular TM13K Temperature and Motion data logger are a Vibration Sentry (VS303/316) combo and a Noise Sentry (NS110) model. Both new instrument types were developed with the firms proprietary DDCI development tool which allows for design of effective and efficient instrumentation at very reasonable cost.

The new Vibration Sentry models are high-performance, integrating vibration level meters able to record vibrations on three separate axis at an acceleration range of ±3g for the VS303 and ±16g for the VS316. Both feature the same moulded, weather resistant enclosure as the TM13K, weigh only 24 g (0.8 oz) and can operate for up to 2 years on a single lithium coin-type battery. Their diminutive size and professional accuracy make them ideal for a wide variety of vibration, shock and impact monitoring applications.

The NS100 Noise Sentry contains a MEMS microphone and can record sound levels up to 110db over the entire audible spectrum of 20 Hz to 20 kHz with an accuracy of ±2 dB (50 Hz - 8 kHz) and ±5 dB (20 Hz - 20 kHz). It offers a convenient on/off button and alarm reset, weighs only 20 g (0.7 oz) and provides extremely accurate measurement and data logging of acoustic dose for monitoring of safe working conditions, activity detection and long-term environmental impact studies.

These new models are available now on Convergence Instruments' newly revised web site ( At $129.00US for the VS303/316 Vibration Sentry and $99.00US for the NS110 Noise Sentry. Software that provides for simple, efficient use of these devices is available for free download from the C.I. website.

About Convergence Instruments

Founded in 2008 by Dr. Bruno Paillard, Convergence Instruments is a global designer and producer of affordable, high-performance solutions for processing, measurement and subsequent analysis of environmental sound, heat and motion/vibration events. We design and manufacture small but powerful instruments with embedded acoustic, thermal and/or kinetic measurement and recording capabilities for the consumer and commercial/professional OEM markets.

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