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iHistorian® v2.0 plant-wide data historian software includes 2 data collectors that facilitate data management and analysis. Calculation Collector consists of calculation engine that enables users to define calculations using built-in wizard, employ commonly used predefined calculations, or script their own customized calculations. Server-to-Server Collector distributes data from facilitates data distribution and store and forward data recovery.

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New iHistorian® 2.0 from GE Fanuc Increases Data Management, Information Sharing and Efficiency-Enhancing Capabilities

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - March 7, 2003 - GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc., an affiliate of GE Industrial Systems, today announced the release of iHistorian® 2.0 - which provides increased data management, information sharing and efficiency-enhancing capabilities. iHistorian 2.0, the latest version of the company's award-winning, plant-wide data historian software, adds two powerful new data collectors. These innovative data collectors accelerate the transformation of raw production data into actionable business information and enable users to share that information throughout their business and its extended supply chain.

"In today's volatile business and economic climate, production data - and the ability to capture, analyze and visualize that data - plays an increasingly important role in a company's success," said Kevin Roach, vice president of GE Fanuc's Global Solutions business. "iHistorian 2.0 allows companies to gain a clear, accurate and detailed snapshot of production processes - which can help to increase efficiency, streamline operations and improve competitive advantage."

Further extending its role as an ideal platform for a plant intelligence information infrastructure, iHistorian 2.0 adds a Calculation Collector and a Server-to-Server Collector to its list of options - both designed to facilitate data management and analysis.

The Calculation Collector is an advanced, yet easy-to-use calculation engine enabling users to quickly define their own calculations using the built-in "Calculation Wizard," employ any of the commonly used predefined calculations bundled with the application or script their own customized calculations. These calculations are then immediately stored within the iHistorian database, both simplifying and accelerating actions such as Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting and efficiency analysis.

The Server-to-Server Collector is used to quickly and easily distribute data from one iHistorian server to another, facilitating data distribution and "store and forward" data recovery. This is particularly useful when leveraging an infrastructure where multiple remote historians are collecting, aggregating and calculating data (such as iHistorians at remote facilities) and reporting into a central historian (such as an iHistorian at a corporate headquarters). With the Server-to-Server collector, users can centralize administration of all remote tags and standardize on KPI metrics and reporting standards across multiple locations, thereby helping to streamline processes and reduce variances. The Server-to-Server Collector also enables users to capture full audit trail information - a complete record of "who did what, where and when" within a process - and seamlessly share that data with the central historian. This is a particularly critical feature for businesses operating within regulated industries, such as those under the guidance of the Food and Drug Administration.

Both of the new iHistorian 2.0 collectors include web-based configuration, store-and-forward data recovery, and time- and event-based triggers for data transfer events.

iHistorian 2.0 builds upon the robust performance and tremendous commercial acceptance of the product's initial release, currently used at more than 500 companies, collecting data from millions of sources from around the globe.

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