Data Communication System remotely accesses recorders.

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Connecting SM2+ and SM2BAT+ acoustic and ultrasonic recorders to web portal, Song Stream allows access to status information such as card consumption, battery supply voltage, and log of recent recording activity via cellular or satellite networks. Email alerts may be configured to immediately notify user of status update of Song Meter deployment. Depending on sample rate, recording mode, and chosen transmission network, it is possible to download portion or all recorded data remotely.

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Wildlife Acoustics Introduces Song Stream

Providing an economical remote access option for the SM2+ and SM2BAT+ recorders

CONCORD, Mass. -- Wildlife Acoustics, the leading supplier of bioacoustics monitoring systems around the world, introduces a new system to allow remote access to Song Meter recorders via cellular or satellite networks.

"Song Stream is an end-to-end solution for remote access to our SM2+ and SM2BAT+ acoustic and ultrasonic recorders," said Ian Agranat, President and CEO of Wildlife Acoustics. "Now our customers can access status information over satellite networks or download recordings remotely via cellular networks. We listened to customers and designed Song Stream to be extremely user friendly so they will enjoy its plug and play installation procedure while reducing the total cost of ownership for mission critical projects."

Song Stream has been in beta with several trial customers with very successful results.

"Tetra Tech has been exceedingly pleased with Wildlife Acoustics' new Song Stream remote download and monitoring system. Until now there has not been a user friendly and reliable system for remotely monitoring bat/avian acoustic systems," says Aaron Svedlow, Wildlife Biologist at Tetra Tech. "Song Stream has allowed us to collect data at remote locations without worrying about data loss. The ability to use different cellular providers or satellite allows us to deploy our Song Stream equipped Song Meters in any location. We have deployed systems in the mid-west, northeast, and on remote offshore islands with great results, and reliable data."

"Stantec's experience with acoustic wildlife data collection extends beyond 20 years with well over 200 seasons of surveys at sites throughout North America, using equipment capable of withstanding offshore hurricanes, desert heat, and sub-zero temperatures. We depend on our gear and have recently begun to deploy Wildlife Acoustics' equipment at a wide variety of sites, including remote high mountain ridgelines and offshore ocean buoys, and have yet to be disappointed," says Steve Pelletier, a Principal for Environmental Management at Stantec. "More importantly, the folks at Wildlife Acoustics have been extremely easy to work with, providing immediate and top notch technical support, and in many instances, becoming active partners in terms of helping develop new solutions towards acquiring wildlife data."

Song Stream consists of communication hardware that connects an SM2+ or SM2BAT+ unit to a web portal allowing convenient access to status information such as card consumption, battery supply voltage and a log of recent recording activity. Email alerts may be configured to immediately notify the user of a status update of the Song Meter deployment. For cellular deployments, the geographically redundant portal allows direct upload of selected recordings remotely from the Song Meter to the web portal and direct download from the web portal to the desktop PC. Depending on the sample rate, recording mode and chosen transmission network, it is possible to download a portion or all of the recorded data remotely.

Song Stream is now available for purchase. Pricing varies by transmission method and quantity of the data plan. More information can be found at the Wildlife Acoustics website at

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Wildlife Acoustics, Inc., a privately held Massachusetts corporation, is the leading provider of bio-acoustic monitoring technology for scientists, researchers, government agencies and environmental consulting firms worldwide since 2003. Our customers monitor birds, frogs, bats, marine mammals and other wildlife.

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