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Scalable from single-server room to global deployments, Intevia® Enterprise secures storage devices, servers, and power supplies into equipment racks and monitors them remotely. Communication gateways; client, database, and application software; and intelligent locking and fastening devices work together to control any connected device or building element via Internet. This enables remote physical security, environment, and energy control at component and device level.

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Intevia® Enterprise Introduced at Data Center World Expo

The first truly ubiquitous physical security and environmental control system

CHICAGO, April 2, 2008 -- Intevia, a division of TZ Limited , is launching Intevia(R) Enterprise, its breakthrough Data Center Application Technology, at AFCOM's Data Center World(R) 2008 Spring Expo in Las Vegas, April 1 and 2.

The Intevia(R) web site will host a live video stream that will show the new technology as it is operating in the TZ exhibit at the AFCOM event. A live demonstration will be available online at on Wednesday, April 2, 2008 from 11:45am to 3pm PDT (Las Vegas). TZ's booth exhibit will be linked to data centers and servers in Amsterdam and Australia to show in real time a demonstration of the capabilities of the management of security as well as the energy reduction realized with the Intevia(R) Enterprise at a granular, never-before-seen level.

Intevia(R) Enterprise will become the first truly ubiquitous physical security and environmental control system.

Amidst homeland security issues and general concern with disaster preparedness, a new data center application called Intevia(R) Enterprise builds on intelligent fastening technology and is designed to secure storage devices, servers and power supplies into equipment racks and to monitor them remotely.

Intevia(R) Enterprise is an integrated management system for physical security, environmental monitoring and energy control at the component and device level that can be scaled from a single server room to global deployments, easily integrating into traditional networks, access controls and facilities management software offerings.

Intevia(R) Enterprise consists of communication gateways, client, database and application software, remotely-controlled sensing, monitoring, and intelligent locking and fastening devices that extend the reach of traditional network and access control systems. For the first time, networking and security management systems can reach beyond the server room door to control server and equipment racks, integrating task lighting and localized air flow, walls, equipment shelves, raised floor tiles, trouble lights and local air boost fans, access and inspection panels, spare part storage and instrument/tool cabinets.

In addition to data centers, the Intevia(R) Enterprise platform technology can be integrated into offices, hospitals, homes, airports, server farms and any environment which requires physical security sensing and control beyond the macro level. Intevia(R) technology will now be able to control and connect any device or building element through the Internet.

Energy consumption of the total building will be reduced dramatically through the distribution of networked sensors at a much finer granulation than previously possible. The technology provides the ability to discreetly monitor lighting and temperature at the device and respond to locally programmed parameters such as cooling and task lighting, all controlled and monitored remotely via the Internet using facility management software.

Deployment of Intevia(R) Enterprise will substantially increase physical security across all architecture which typically is confined to only the perimeter of the building; physical security can now be extended to all access and connectivity points, from the architectural components of the building -- ceilings, walls, doors, service ducts and floor tiles down to smallest device hardware like the computer racking components such as doors, side panels drawers blades and cables.

Intevia(R) Enterprise will be showcased at AFCOM's Data Center World(R) 2008 in booth 652.


AFCOM is a leading association supporting the educational and professional development needs of data center professionals around the globe. Established in 1980, AFCOM currently boasts more than 3,700 members and 26 chapters worldwide, and provides data center professionals with unique networking opportunities and educational forums and resources through its annual Data Center World(R) Conferences, published magazines, regional chapters, research and hotline services, and industry alliances.

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