Data/Barcode Label Printing eliminates in-house processes.

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Barcode and Label Bureau Printing Service is available for any industry barcode - Code 128, 2D Datamatix, Code 39, etc. - and offers range of 3,500+ applications-specific label material/adhesive combinations. Working from any data format - spreadsheets, manufacturing data files, etc., service produces peel-and-apply labels that lets users immediately ID products. Labels exhibit resistance to industrial conditions, such as temperatures to +388°C, chemicals/solvents, abrasion, and oil/fuels.

Original Press Release:

NEW! CILS Barcode Bureau 'Takes the Strain' Out of 'in-House' Data & Barcode Label Printing

CILS have launched the exclusive Barcode & Label Bureau Printing Service, providing high-performance 'ready-to-apply' variable data and barcode printed labels, eliminating the hassle of 'in-house' data printing - Simply 'peel and apply' for immediate product I.D.

Working from any data format (spreadsheets, manufacturing data files etc), CILS can professionally print any industry barcode (Code 128, 2D Datamatix, Code 39 etc) onto a range of over 3,500 applicationspecific durable label material/adhesive combinations, resistant to the harshest industrial conditions including extreme temperatures (+388°C), chemicals/solvents, abrasion, oil/fuels etc.

Individually checked and verified for 100% readability, the CILS Label Bureau Service allows you to label with confidence and with immediate same-day manufacture and shipping worldwide, provides an instant hassle-free solution to barcode label printing.

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