Data Acquisition System performs multiple functions.

Press Release Summary:

Available with 7 or 14 thermocouple input channels, DaqTemp(TM) Series measures temperature, voltage, frequency, and pulse count. With digital I/O and analog output, series consists of plug-and-play PCI board, cable, and screw-terminal signal conditioning pod. Channel-to-channel variation and noise less is than 0.2°C and accuracy is better than 1.0°C. DaqView(TM) Out-of-the-Box(TM) software allows users to set up acquisition, view results in real-time, and save data to disk.

Original Press Release:

Thermocouple/Multifunction Data Acquisition System Offers Complete Hardware/Software/Signal Conditioning Solution

CLEVELAND, OH, November 15, 2002 - IOtech has announced the release of the DaqTemp(TM) Series of products that provide a convenient, all-in-one-box solution for highly-accurate temperature and voltage measurements. Available in either 7 or 14 thermocouple input channels, DaqTemp is ideally suited for bench and laboratory applications measuring temperature, voltage, frequency, and pulse counting, plus digital I/O and analog output.

DaqTemp Features
The DaqTemp consists of a plug-and-play PCI board, cable, and screw terminal signal conditioning pod. The built-in cold junction compensation provides precise thermocouple measurements, with channel-to-channel variation and noise less than 0.2°C and accuracy better than 1.0°C. All power is derived from the PC, which eliminates the need for external power supplies or transformers. The cover of the pod is easily removed to gain access to the screw terminals for signal connections.

In addition to thermocouple inputs, DaqTemp also provides 7 differential voltage input channels that offer 16-bit resolution and 13 programmable full-scale input ranges from ±156 mV to ±10V. Four frequency input channels can measure frequency or count pulses up to 10 MHz.

All inputs, including thermocouple inputs, voltage frequency and digital, can be synchronously scanned up to 200 Kreadings/s. This provides accurate time correlation between all inputs. The 16-bit analog outputs can be used to generate waveforms with virtually unlimited waveform output length from the PC memory.

No programming is required with DaqView(TM) Out-of-the-Box(TM) software that is supplied with the DaqTemp. It allows you to set up your acquisition, view the results in real time and save the data to disk. DaqView's graphical user interface is as easy to use as a spreadsheet, yet powerful enough for most data acquisition applications. DaqView features:

o Thermocouple linearization and conversion of readings to engineering units
o Acquisition trigger on temperature level, digital input, voltage level, frequency input, and software command

The unit also features driver support for DASYLab®, LabVIEW®, TestPoint®, MATLAB, and Windows®-based languages including Visual Basic®, and C++.

Pricing and Availability
All DaqTemp systems are available for immediate ordering and include PCI measurement board, 3 ft. cable, signal conditioning pod, and DaqView Out-of-the-Box(TM) software. All programming documentation is included on the CD ROM supplied with the system.

Product     Description                                      U.S. Price
DaqTemp7 7 differential TC inputs* $1399
DaqTemp7A 7 differential TC inputs, plus 2 analog outputs* $1599
DaqTempl4 14 differential TC inputs* $1799
DaqTempl4A 14 differential TC inputs, plus 4 analog outputs* $1999

* Additional I/O included with every system includes 7 differential voltage inputs, 24 digital I/O, 4 counter inputs, and 2 timer outputs.

About IOtech
IOtech produces data acquisition hardware and software for use in PC-based test and measurement, and industrial automation systems. Its products are used in research and manufacturing facilities and are sold throughout the world. IOtech, Inc. is located at 25971 Cannon Road, Cleveland, Ohio, 44146; Telephone: (440) 439-4091; Fax: (440) 439-4093; E-mail:; World Wide Web:

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