Danfoss to Showcase Latest Advancements in Innovative, Customized Solutions at 2020 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Expo

At the 2020 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Expo on March 15-18, 2020, Danfoss will introduce three new innovations: the complete integrated evaporator control panel, semi-welded plate heat exchanger, and digital gas detector. These products are the newest, most advanced components from Danfoss' industrial refrigeration solutions, which blend reliable hardware with intuitive software to create customizable intelligent, energy efficient, and cost-effective systems. These components, along with the rest of Danfoss' broad industrial refrigeration portfolio will be on display and available for live demonstration at Booth 827.

More intelligent control and automation

Danfoss’ advancements in innovative, custom integrated control solutions enable stronger, more intelligent distributed and central systems controls for industrial refrigeration systems. These technologies increase energy efficiency, ensure food safety, and help refrigeration systems transition to alternative, climate-friendly refrigerants.

Available for new or retrofit projects, our complete integrated evaporator control panels are factory-programmed and configured to your specific application and support multiple defrost methods, all while controlling flooded and DX evaporators. Its ammonia gas detection automatically closes hot gas and liquid feed valves and turns off evaporator fans. Lastly, the panel includes an evaporator microprocessor controller with either a door- or remote-mounted display and is packaged in a custom enclosure specific to its appropriate environment.

Danfoss General Manager Art Marshall will discuss further developments in distributed and central systems control technologies during our Technomercial on Tuesday, March 17 from 12:00 to 12:30 pm.

Plate heat exchangers seal the deal on reliability

Danfoss is excited to introduce our SW19-59 range of semi-welded plate heat exchangers, which are specifically designed, crafted, and tested to fit ammonia-based industrial refrigeration applications.

The SW19-59 range offers outstanding thermal performance due to its optimized plate geometry that supports high turbulent flow, enabling a compact design and lower charge.

Operational safety is essential in ammonia applications, so we engineered a new gasket system to ensure high gasket stability and optimal plate alignment, enabling fast and easy installation, service, and maintenance while preventing gasket-blow out. Furthermore, the risk of contamination is reduced due to the glue-free, double-gasket barrier that will drain potential leaks outside the plate pack.

Next generation gas detection

Danfoss' digital gas detectors and sensors are precalibrated to match specific refrigerants, applications, and safety requirements, ensuring a safe and regulation-compliant system.

With a comprehensive set of safety features, basic to heavy duty Danfoss digital gas detector models offer improved accuracy, simplified operator handling, automatic self-diagnostics, password-protected alarms, and a smart calibration process that rejects sensors with low life-expectancy. Collectively, these features minimize risks based on system settings, calibration, and service errors for continuous safety.

For the first time ever, the digital gas detectors will be on display in a harsh weather habitat to demonstrate their durability and environmentally-resistant performance.

Visit Booth 827 at the 2020 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Expo to see Danfoss' innovative components and solutions that keep high-performing refrigeration systems reliable, efficient, and future-proof in the ever-evolving industrial refrigeration industry.

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