Daisy Data Display, Inc. Introduces COM-Express Modules to Rigmate PC Product Line

YORK HAVEN, Pa. – Daisy Data Displays, Inc. (D3), an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of ruggedized computers and essential components, recently launched the use of COM-Express modules in the Rigmate all weather rugged PC product line with the objective to expand its use in the coming months throughout all PC designs.

D3 embraces the commitment to continually be “in-the-know” of the newest, most essential technology developments in the market for hazardous area computing solutions.  Customers of D3 trust the engineers to make the best decisions for each design, no matter how strict the requirements may be.  Most recently, D3’s engineering team decided to modernize our processor boards by switching over to COM-Express technology.

D3 engineers were drawn to the COM-Express modules because of their basic architecture, which allows the modules to plug into custom made, application-specific carrier boards.  “The new COM-Express solution will provide us with a stable long-term motherboard solution,” says Mike Hadaway, D3’s General Manager.  “We control the custom designed base board, therefore we have virtually eliminated the end-of-life issue normally encountered with commercial/industrial motherboards.”

Although the modules measure just 95 mm x 125 mm, they include a variety of generic functions such as video, audio, Ethernet, storage interfaces and USB ports.  The COM-Express modules are a perfect complement to D3’s industrial units as they provide functions essential for every PC, still having the ability to pair it with a custom designed carrier board for more specific functions.

D3’s custom carrier boards provide the flexibility of selecting different central processing unit (CPU) based customer applications while keeping the same form factor.  Therefore, as new processors are introduced, the customer will be able to upgrade the unit from low-power single core ATOM Intel all the way to multi-core i7 processors with ease.

“The onboard features and physical size mean that we can make smaller more compact computers without sacrificing computational power or functionality,” says Rodney Smith, a mechanical engineer at D3.

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