D7094 Flashpoint Method Accepted For ASTM D7467 Biodiesel Blend Specifications

Vienna, Austria — AMETEK Grabner Instruments' ASTM D7094 flashpoint method made history in 2013, when ASTM members accepted the method for ASTM Diesel Fuel and Kerosene specifications. Recently, ASTM members expressed their confidence again in the method and voted to include the flashpoint method in ASTM D7467 Biodiesel (B6 to B20) specifications. A inter-laboratory study in 2013 using AMETEK Grabner Flashpoint testers demonstrated the excellent determination capability of the ASTM D7094 for Diesel and Biodiesel Blends up to a range of 30% Biodiesel (B30). All samples in this study were found to analyze smoothly, and some increase in flashpoint was measured as the biodiesel content in the samples increased. Overall, the testers' precision with the Biodiesel Blends was better than the published precision with the original D7094 samples. Hence ASTM members voted to include ASTM D7094 as an alternative method for D7467 Biodiesel Blend (B6-B20) specifications.

Developed by Grabner Instruments and published in 2004, the ASTM D7094 flashpoint method is a quick and safe way for the determination of flashpoints of fuels, chemicals and hazardous liquids. The method requires just 2 mL sample, which makes flashpoint testing safe and reduces hazardous waste and sample costs. In contrast to classical flashpoint testing the Grabner method does not require an open flame, but detects the flashpoint through the spontaneous pressure increase inside a continuously closed cup.

Information on the ASTM D7094 flashpoint method and the MINIFLASH flashpoint tester from AMETEK Grabner Instruments is available from www.grabnerinstruments.com or info.grabner-instruments@ametek.at.NEWS

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