Cypher® Wall Sconce Luminaire features dawn-to-dusk photocell controls.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring optional static white or RGBW luminous front, Cypher® Wall Sconce Luminaire comes with infinite palette of color choices. On-site materials such as stucco, stone or tile can be applied directly over the luminaire. Unit provides up, down and side lighting for 90, 180, 270 or 360 degree illumination and internal battery backup. Product comes with 15 standard colors, four premium colors, copper and stainless steel fascia options. Cypher® offers motion sensing and SiteSync wireless control solutions.

Original Press Release:

Best in Class Performance and Aesthetics a Welcome Break from Generic Wall Lighting

Hubbell Lighting, a global leader in lighting innovation, announced today that Architectural Area Lighting (“AAL”) has commercially introduced the new Cypher® wall sconce luminaire. The Cypher is infinitely adaptable to compliment a wide range of architectural accent lighting applications and establishes a new standard for wall sconce aesthetics and performance.

The Cypher is available in two housing sizes featuring a range of looks with a variety of fascia form factors and finish options. This versatility provides lighting specifiers and designers with a wide array of options in a single luminaire.

While in development, AAL research identified how, in many applications, lighting specifiers and designers are working within precise design plans that actually call for understated lighting. Recognizing this, AAL’s engineers designed a version of the Cypher called the “Ghost Fascia.” This feature allows for on-site materials like stucco, stone, or tile to be applied directly over the fixture, seamlessly blending the form into the existing architecture.

The Cypher also offers an optional static white or RGBW luminous front, presenting an infinite palette of color options as needed. The RGBW feature can be custom tuned through a DMX controller or via Bluetooth connection using the free Hubbell RGBW Remote App, making it easy for the end user to change color as the mood or situation dictates. This enabled RGBW function establishes the Cypher as a focal point and wayfinding luminaire at hotels, corporate and healthcare campuses, university buildings, and mixed-use developments.


AAL has been recognized with numerous industry awards for its ability to design innovative products that do not sacrifice performance for the sake of aesthetics. The Cypher continues this tradition by establishing a new benchmark for decorative wall sconce performance.

The Cypher’s spec-grade performance is capable of true IES distributions including up, down, and side lighting options for 90, 180, 270 or 360 degree illumination. It utilizes a unique design that gives specifiers and lighting designers the ability to select the precise amount of light they desire. A variety of illumination patterns are available from downlight only to 50/50, 90/10, 70/10/10/10, or even 25/25/25/25 split distributions.


Cypher controls offerings range from dawn-to-dusk photocell to advanced wired or wireless solutions. The advanced distributed intelligent lighting controls provide a complete suite of California Title 24/ASHRAE compliant energy saving solutions.

Hubbell Control Solutions’ SiteSync is an option for the Cypher, offering flexibility, ease of design, installation simplicity and the reliability of a wireless architecture. With its pre-programmed approach, installation of SiteSync is a quick and easy process, greatly reducing the complexity, time and cost compared to typical field commissioned systems.

The Features and Benefits of the Cypher include:

  • Up, down and side lighting optics for up to 360° of illumination
  • RGBW or Static White luminous accent options
  • Fascia options include 15 standard colors, four premium colors, copper, stainless steel as well as a variety of different custom colors and materials to meet any architectural need
  • Integral battery backup, photocell, motion sensing, and SiteSync wireless control options 

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