Cylinder Actuated Magnetic Transporter lifts heavy parts.

Press Release Summary:

Used for ferrous metal parts handling, TPCA Magnetic Transporter® utilizes rare earth, permanent magnet circuit to pick and place sheet metal parts in automated transfers or lift-assist material handling applications. Design minimizes use of shop air and offers instantaneous pickup and release of heavier parts or complete parts assemblies without electricity. Options include solenoid control valves, custom pole shoes, and magnet-mounted control valves.

Original Press Release:

New, Cylinder Actuated Magnetic Transporters(TPCA) for Heavy Parts

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. has added a new product to their successful line of Magnetic Transporters® for heavy, ferrous metal parts handling; the "Cylinder Actuated" model (TPCA).

Orginally designed to replace vacuum cups, the patented Transporter® utilizes a powerful, Rare Earth, Permanent Magnet Circuit to pick and place sheet metal parts in automated transfers or lift-assist material handling applications and utilizing up to 95% less shop air.

The new TPCA's are capable of handling heavier parts than the standard Transporter series, such as tubes, castings or complete parts assemblies, and provide material handling safety while significantly reducing shop air costs.

Offering a slim profile, instantaneous pickup and release and requiring no electricity, the Cylinder Actuated Transporter Magnet is ideal for lifting in and out of totes, bins, or other hard to manuever applications such as, components for automotive, lawn/farm equipment, pumps, compressors or motors and fan assemblies.

Options available include Solenoid control valves, Custom designed Pole Shoes, Magnet mounted control valves, and Magnets designed into ergonomic lifting systems.
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