Cyclodial Drive Produces Unmatched Reliability and Performance for Dynamix's DMX 5000 Series Mixers

Dynamix Agitators (Dynamix), an industrial mixer manufacturing firm, is pleased to announce that its DMX portable mixers are now built with cycloidial drives that deliver an exceptionally long life.

With the new cycloidial drive, the DMX Series of portable mixers are able to withstand shock loads exceeding 500% of their rating and transmit loads uniformly. Unlike gear teeth with limited contact points, a cyclodial drive has two thirds of its reduction components in contact at all times. This inline drive is available with speeds of 300 RPM, 159 RPM and 83 RPM, which (when matched with a suitable impeller design) produces the performance required by any industrial process that requires mixing.

Recommended for tanks ranging in volume from 300 to 3000 gallons, the DMX Series is available with the standard NEMA C flanged motors from 1/4HP to 2HP in both electric (TEFC, XP, and variable speed) and air.

Lower speed options of 159 RPM and 83 RPM keep the shear rates down and reduce the required horsepower. Combined with a wide range of impeller choices, from high efficiency Dynaflow(TM) to pitched and radial blades, processes can be optimized to the maximum with minimal horsepower. Mounting configurations include clamp, plate-inclined plate, and flanges (both top and side) to suit the requirement of any application.

Aside from stock stainless steel, DMX portable mixers can also be constructed using other machinable metals and coated materials to protect against corrosion and abrasion. Dynamix engineers each mixer to provide the desired process results.

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Dynamix Agitators is an industrial mixer manufacturing firm that is built on over 40 years of process engineering experience and industrial mixer design. More than just a mixer manufacturer, Dynamix engineers solutions that meet the need of any process application and product specification. Its wide range of product lines span from portable mixers for drums and totes to heavy-duty mixers for tanks of all sizes.

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