Cyclists Demand Commercial Bicycle Storage Solutions

As the bicycle and bike parking markets continue to grow, outdoor bicycle storage is becoming a routine amenity when designing streetscapes and parking lots.

Americans and Canadians are jumping on the bicycle as serious transportation to school, work and other destinations. Its often a first choice in planning to stay fit, lose weight or just enjoy the outdoors. The bicycle has long been a favorite mode of personal transportation around the world, and today, even colder climate cities like Minneapolis have become leaders in the percentage of people using bicycles for transportation rather than motor vehicles.

Bikes win big on environmental merit, too. An average medium-sized car traveling an average of 1,000 miles per month emits an astonishing 6.6 tons of carbon dioxide each year. Just commuting to and from work 10 miles each way creates annual emissions of 1.4 tons per vehicle. Its increasingly easy to tie bike riding to longer trips as buses and other mass transit systems add bike racks. Many people are surprised to learn that city bicycle riders actually inhale less carbon monoxide than those driving cars, because they don't get stuck in long traffic jams and can take to sidewalks if bike lanes are unavailable.

As customers, students, employees, residents and visitors request bike parking options, businesses, schools & campuses, condos, apartment buildings and other public destinations need to respond to stay competitive with their local services.

Having received positive interest in its bike bollards, commercial bicycle racks and bike lockers introduced in 2010, Reliance Foundry is expanding its bike storage offering with more than 20 new products added in recent months, with several more planned in the very near future.

New choices include larger outdoor bike racks for parking several bikes, and a number of distinctive shapes so bike parking can enhance the design value of any site.

Bicycle racks are ideal for areas where bike parking is their only function, and when you want to park more than two bikes per rack. They often cost less than bike bollards, and offer a variety of intriguing yet functional shapes. Bike bollards will be a better choice when designing for an historic building or area, or if users want to combine bike parking with a bollard cover's ability to add decorative accenting to steel security bollards.

For bicycle riders commuting to work, or planning to be away from where their bike is parked for an extended period of time, bicycle lockers are the top choice. Many public transport stations, businesses and parking garages are installing bike lockers for longer-term, more secure bike parking. Bike storage lockers offer more protection from theft and weather, and add safe storage for helmets panniers and other accessories that riders would otherwise need to carry with them.

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About Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.:

Reliance Foundry has been a family-owned business since 1927. Bike parking products are one of its growing product lines, along with bollard covers, industrial wheels and investment castings. Reliance sources products globally and offers quick and convenient delivery in the United States and Canada from its Vancouver location.


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