CX5237 Crystal Polystyrene features high melt strength grade.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for manufacturers of thermoformed foam polystyrene foodservice and food packaging products, CX5237 Crystal Polystyrene offers same stiffness with 10% reduction in weight. Product insulated and cushions the contents of the package.

Original Press Release:

Total Launches a High Melt Strength Polystyrene for Extruded Foam Packaging

Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA, Inc. announces its new high melt strength grade of high heat crystal polystyrene for the extruded foam polystyrene sheet market. CX5237 is designed specifically for manufacturers of thermoformed foam polystyrene foodservice and food packaging products. Its improved melt strength allows for significant light weighting while maintaining packaging performance. Weight reductions of over 10% were achieved in our internal testing while maintaining the same stiffness. Those seeking weight savings or improvements in productivity will find CX5237 a drop in for existing resins, requiring minimal process changes.

"We are very excited about this new product as it is directly in line with our ambition to be the Responsible Energy Major leading the way with new and cost effective polymers," says David Knoeppel, Portfolio Manager. "CX5237 in addition to our rePS-5 product provides a cost effective and environmentally positive solution for the foam polystyrene packaging market."

Foam polystyrene foodservice and food packaging are among the lightest packaging products on the market today considering their composition is greater than 90% air by volume. Packaging made from foam polystyrene is superior to other materials because it insulates and cushions the contents (think eggs), while remaining cost effective and providing a preferred consumer experience. If you would like further information, please contact your Total sales representative or Ted Harris, Marketing Manager at

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