CX® Machine Has Superior Seal Surfaces, Improved Appearance, and Faster Production

Our rugged CX® Machine "keeps on ticking" for more than 31 years in this valve manufacturer's plant!

One COGSDILL CUSTOMER ACHIEVES GREAT RESULTS in processing control valves for the petrochemical industry, using a CX® External Roller Burnishing Machine that just won't quit... even after more than 31 years of use.

Since May of 1973 the company has roller burnished valve stems with a Cogsdill CX-1 machine for super smooth seal surfaces (which prevents leakage) and for improved cosmetic appearance (a competitive advantage), while enjoying time and cost savings with faster production.

The owner and former president commented that the company has received many favorable customer comments over the years in regard to the superior finishes on their valves. The head of purchasing estimates that the company saves 20 minutes of machine time per part by burnishing instead of polishing. Use of the CX machine also eliminates safety concerns relative to the previous manual polishing operations.

The CX-1 was returned to our factory last year for a "tune-up," after more than three decades of use. A new switch, air line, and palm button (for part release) were installed, for a total repair cost of only $97.00. Upon receiving the repaired unit, the customer reported that the machine is "working better than a champ!"

Machining data

Machine type: CX-1-B (interference feed)

Material types: 316 stainless steel

Inconel (600-700-800 series)

Hasteloy (C & B)

17-4 steel


Alloy 20

Speed: 1000 RPM

Feed rate: .050 IPR

Cycle time: 3 seconds per part

Coolant: Cutting oil

Size required: +.001 in. (.025mm)

Size achieved: +.0002 in. (.005mm)

Finish required: 8 microinch Ra

Finish achieved: 3 microinch Ra

Cogsdill Tool Products offers a wide array of standard tooling and a broad range of solutions for burnishing including: Standard Roll-a-Finish tools for IDs and ODs; Special designs for tapers, faces and contours; Single-roll and diamond tools for ODs, large IDs, faces, tapers, contours, and irregular surfaces; CX external burnishing machines for shafts or cylindrical surfaces of any length. Parts are sized, finished, and work-hardened in seconds! Refer to our catalog no. 500, Burnishing Tools and Machines, for more information.

In 1914 Stuart A. Cogsdill set up shop in Detroit as a cutting tool regrinding and repair service. He soon began designing and manufacturing special tools for early automotive pioneers such as Henry Ford and the Dodge brothers. Today Cogsdill Tool still offers its 21st century customers the same commitment that inspired its founder: We will develop and build innovative tooling solutions for your tough manufacturing problems. Cogsdill has two operating units, one in the United
States and one in the United Kingdom:


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