Cutting Tools have shiny finish.

Press Release Summary:

Cutting tools have coating made from ultra-fine (1µm) diamond crystals. They are able to drill and tap AlSiC material (63% silicon carbide) up to 150 times before replacement. Diamond coating allows tools to cut rather than rub, and does not flake or peel off.

Original Press Release:

Space Age Cutting Tools

Glendale Heights, Illinois - Osg Tap & Die, Inc. has introduced a proprietary new diamond coating made from ultra-fine (1µm) diamond crystals, in a innovated new process that improves the adhesion of the diamond coating to the tools. OSG high technology cutting tools with this new ultra-fine diamond coating out-perform the competition up to 5 times in graphite and other non-ferrous materials. The also produce finishes 4 times finer than the competition. Tools with this new coating are easily distinguished by the shiny finish.

In a recent aerospace application, OSG hi-tech tools with the new ultra-fine diamond coating successfully drilled and tapped an AlSiC material (63% silicon carbide). This material was impossible to drill or tap using standard carbide tools. The OSG tools were able to drill and tap over 150 holes in the AlSiC material before replacement.

The new ultra-fine diamond coating allows the tools to cut rather than rub. These coated tools have produced up to 50 times the tool life of standard tools in graphite applications. The OSG ultra-fine coating does not flake or peel off, a common problem with other diamond coatings.

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