Cutting and Grinding Coolant features biostability.

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Suited for metalworking industry, CLC Coolant CF 66 provides users with biostable micro-emulsion that contains no biocides, sulfonates, bactericides, chlorine, formaldehyde, or phenols. Product, free of foul odors, prevents buildup and rust problems and rejects tramp oil just as synthetic. It works on all metals, including stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, and copper-based alloys.

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CLC Coolant CF 66


CLC COOLANT CF 66 represents the newest technology in cutting and grinding fluids for the metalworking industry. CLC Coolant CF 66 is a biostable micro-emulsion containing no biocides. CLC Coolant CF 66 is a trouble free coolant that extends the life of your coolant dramatically. It does not contain any sulfonates; therefore, the foul odors normally associated with oil-containing coolants do not exist. CLC Coolant CF 66 will extend your tool life, reduce your down time and increase your profits.

CLC Coolant CF 66 works on all metals including stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and copper based alloys. CLC Coolant CF 66 will keep your machine super clean with no buildup or rust problems. CLC Coolant CF 66 rejects tramp oil just like a synthetic even though it is a high oil containing micro-emulsion.

Applications: Machining: milling, tapping, turning, drilling, boring, reaming, threading.

Sawing: use in all applications where water extendable coolants are used.

Grinding: centerless

Benefits: High operator acceptance

Reduces your annual consumption by 50% over other high oil coolants

No dermatitis problems

Less machine cleanouts resulting in less downtime

Excellent tool life

Superb rust and corrosion protection

Use on all metals

Excellent antifoam properties

No buildup on machines

Good tramp oil rejection

No tank side treating with hazardous biocides

Contains no bactericides, chlorine, formaldehyde or phenols

No foul odors or Monday morning stench

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