Cutoff Machine processes tube and bar stock.

Press Release Summary:

Adige CM 502 cutoff saw and end-finishing center automatically loads stock, saws it to length, and machines both ends of cut component. Finished parts can be produced on single machine to minimize handling and cycle time. It can also perform rotary transfer, facing, chamfering, centering, recessing, drilling, turning, threading, measuring, and washing. It also offers electronic gauging and Siemens 840D CNC.

Original Press Release:

Modern Machine Tool Co. Adds Innovative Italian Tube And Bar Sawing/Machining Center To Its Growing Product Line

Modern Machine Tool Company, well known Michigan-based manufacturer of cutoff/machining lathes for tube and bar stock, has been named by the BLM GROUP of Cantu, Italy, as exclusive U.S. and Canadian sales and service representative for BLM's versatile new Adige CM 502 tube and bar cutoff saw and end-finishing center.

One high performance CM 502 machine can automatically load cylindrical tube and solid bar stock, saw it to length and simultaneously machine both ends of the cut component to very exacting tolerances. Finished parts can be produced on a single machine, minimizing costly handling and cycle time, saving space and reducing energy expenses.

In addition to loading and saw cutoff, the CM 502 offers rotary transfer, facing, chamfering, centering, recessing, drilling, turning, threading, measuring, washing and more - all with electronic gauging and full CNC control. Blade and tool conditions are continuously monitored, and changeover typically takes less than 30 minutes.

The heavy duty, vertically mounted cutting head slides on linear bearings. Cutting efficiency is assured by damping the component on both sides of the blade.

A CNC triple-station indexing turret transfers cut components from the saw station through the various machining stations. Multiple end-finishing operations can be performed simultaneously to minimize cycle time.

CM 502 machines come with either one or two machining stations, each with twin heads capable of performing a wide variety of operations. Speed, feed and positioning of each head is programmed and controlled through CNC.

A Siemens 840D CNC unit controls speed, feed and positioning of the unit heads, rotation of the triple-station indexing turret, feed length and speed of the material feed carriage, and stroke of the cutting head. An optional in-line inspection unit can be fitted to measure every component without slowing machine cycle time.

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