Cut and Strip Machine has modular system architecture.

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Used for processing stranded wires, multi-conductor cables, and shielded cables up to 1.38 in. dia, MegaStrip 9650 can be configured to handle anything from simple stripping to multi-stage operations. RX technology is available for concentric rotary shield cutting, while options for axial slitting, inner-conductor processing, and special blades allow multiple steps to be included in one pass. Also included, 10 in. color touchscreen offers self-explanatory icons and intuitive navigation.

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MegaStrip 9650: In a Class of its Own

The MegaStrip 9650 introduces new technologies to the market at a favorable price. With its modular system architecture, modern technology and easy operation, the new MegaStrip 9650 is in a class of its own!

The MegaStrip 9650 sets new standards for programmable cut and strip machines for processing stranded wires, multi-conductor cables and shielded cables up to 35 mm (1.38”) in diameter. The machine can be configured to handle anything from simple stripping to multi-stage operations. Schleuniger's tested and qualified RX technology is available for concentric, rotary shield cutting. A wide range of options such as high-precision axial slitting, inner-conductor processing and special blades deliver professional results and allow multiple steps to be included in a single pass, resulting in reliable quality and shorter processing times.

The clearly arranged 10" color touchscreen features self-explanatory icons and intuitive navigation, offering a fast track to professional, error-free programming. Libraries for raw materials, processing methods and predefined cable ends help to reduce secondary processing times and therefore minimize downtime. Quick-change blade cartridges and cable guides are additional user-friendly features. Up to two independent inkjet printers for cable marking can be positioned downstream of the cutting head in order to eliminate any cable waste and the associated high costs.

Of course, even the standard version of the MegaStrip 9650 has a wide range of interfaces for the extensive range of peripheral devices.

• user-friendly

• reliable

• powerful

• economical

More information about this new product can be found at Should you have any questions, please e-mail or call (603) 668-8117.

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