Customized Typeface for Lebanon's An-Nahar Newspaper Debuts in Its Redesign

Country's Leading Newspaper Enlists Linotype's Nadine Chahine to Design Typeface in Memory of Gebran Tueni, An-Nahar's Former Editor and Publisher

BEIRUT-- Oh mountain, no wind can shake you" - this is the Lebanese saying that inspired Linotype typeface designer Nadine Chahine as she created the Gebran2005(TM) typeface. Designed for An-Nahar, Lebanon's leading Arabic-language daily newspaper, Chahine's creation is part of a major redesign of the publication, available in its new look beginning today in Beirut.

"We will continue to shine a bright light on the importance of free speech in the Middle East that will not be dimmed"

"The tone of the typeface evokes authority, yet it maintains an elegant and contemporary look," said Chahine, who's from Lebanon and grew up reading An-Nahar. "It's a bold design for bold times."

Named after Gebran Tueni, An-Nahar's former editor and publisher, Gebran2005 is a modern version of a classic, newspaper headline style. "Like Gebran himself, the typeface has a distinctive, self-assured presence," Chahine said. In addition to heading An-Nahar, Tueni was a member of parliament, elected to a Beirut constituency in 2005. In December of that year, he was assassinated in a car-bomb explosion.

The redesign of An-Nahar is not only intended to pay tribute to Tueni but also to celebrate the newspaper's commitment to free speech, apparent throughout An-Nahar's history. First published in 1933 by Tueni's grandfather, also named Gebran Tueni, the newspaper provided a platform for expressing various opinions. After his death, editing and publishing responsibilities remained in the family, first with son Ghassen Tueni, followed by Gebran Tueni's namesake grandson. After his assassination at age 48, his daughter, Nayla Tueni, won her father's seat in Lebanon's parliament and is now its youngest member at 28 years old. She is dedicated to continuing her father's work and bringing new energy to An-Nahar, which means "the day" in Arabic.

"We will continue to shine a bright light on the importance of free speech in the Middle East that will not be dimmed," said Nayla Tueni. "The redesign of An-Nahar reflects this determination, which we're confident will help us to better connect with both young and mature readers. Nadine has captured the essence of this spirit through her sculptural design approach, which appears to have made every character in her typeface count and be noticed. Each seems to say, 'I am here, and I am here to stay,' just like the Lebanese people."

Dr. Mario Garcia, an award-winning American newspaper and magazine designer, was selected to lead the redesign of An-Nahar. "The fact that I was able to attract the very talented Nadine Chahine to help us with typographic issues, which led to the creation of Gebran2005, gave the project a dynamic push forward," said Garcia, who heads Garcia Media and has worked with more than 500 news organizations over the last 40 years, having redesigned large publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Miami Herald and The Philadelphia Inquirer. "The new An-Nahar represents what a modern newspaper is all about. Readers of this legendary and well respected daily can now sample their familiar, trusted friend that is An-Nahar, with the modern elements of navigation, story hierarchy and added content that will help readers with their daily lives."

The Gebran2005 typeface includes two weights, bold and heavy. Both are designed with tight proportions in order to preserve space in An-Nahar headlines.

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