Customized RFID Tags facilitate automated leak testing.

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Using both standard and custom components tailored to application requirements, RFID Tags streamline parts processing and help manage test data. RFID chip residing on test part can store serial number, date of manufacture, expiry date, leak detection test parameters, and results such as pressure, leak rate, and flow rate. When parts are connected to console, RFID tags enable console to know exactly what is connected to it and what physical parameters are required for test solution to proceed.

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Customized RFID Tags Introduced by Uson to Speed Throughput of Automated Leak Testing

( Global manufacturing and automation engineers seeking the highest standards of lean manufacturing for leak-proof products by using RFID tags for parts identification and information tracking can now use a unique electronic label system built by Uson with both standard and custom components tailored to application requirements. The custom elements of Uson RFID tags streamline parts processing and help manage test data while cutting overall production cost.

Joe Pustka, one of the top managers of Uson's technical support team who has helped pioneer the custom RFID tags now used by Uson customers in various industries comments, "The potential of Uson's custom RFID tags technology to help manufacturers get better performance from their leak detection equipment is enormous. For starts, an RFID chip residing on a test part can store: serial number, part number; lot number; the build plant and/or production line; date of manufacture; expiry date; part size, shape and color; leak detection test parameters and results such as pressure, leak rate, and flow rate; and other recorded test measurements recorded such as length, weight, or torque. Uson's custom RFID tags have been especially helpful to manufacturers of disposable parts that work together with a module or console. In these applications, when the parts are connected to the console the RFID tags enable the console to know exactly what is connected to it and what the physical parameters required for the test solution to proceed. With RFID tags such as these, any business manufacturing products that are leak tested can create smart linking to end-user consumers, ensuring that the supply chain gets each customer the product with correct specifications."

Uson provides specifications for custom RFID tags with both its Leak Detector Express Proposal and Leak Detection Equipment Custom Application Proposal services upon request and at no charge. Uson's no-cost training courses on state-of-the-art leak detection methodologies include discussion of best practices for parts identification using RFID tags, bar coding, among other techniques used for more efficient production lines.

For more information on Uson RFID tags or RFPs including the RFID tags option, contact Rudolph Fuentes at Rudolph.Fuentes (at) or +281-671-2000.

About Uson

Uson first developed high accuracy leak testing methods for NASA and since 1963 has been at the forefront of commercial leak detection, leak testing, and non-destructive testing, pioneering the development of automated leak detection equipment for the automotive, industrial, medical device and packaging industries. Headquartered in Houston, TX, the company has additional offices in Detroit, MI, the United Kingdom and China and sales partners around the world. Visit for more information.

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