Customized Calibration of IFM Flow Sensors - Highlighted in New Video

Industrial oils are used for many different purposes. This is why the detection of flow and temperature is of vital importance. Incorrect adjustment of sensors to flow and temperature values may affect the energy efficiency of your installations and thereby increase the cost. All SB flow sensors from ifm can be adjusted to your specific oil and thereby enable precise programming of measurement curves. Customized adjustment of your measurement equipment will get the best possible result out of your installations.

About IFM Efector,

For over 40 years, ifm has developed, manufactured, and marketed sensors to industries that include assembly and robotics, automotive, material handling, packaging, metal forming, plastics, and food and beverage. We offer a complete family of position sensors, fluid sensors, diagnostic systems, networking products, and wiring solutions. There can be no compromise in the quality and reliability of sensors that are applied in your production facility. The ifm new product development process incorporates specific testing for sensors and controls to withstand environments with shock and vibration, electrical noise and temperature fluctuations.

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