Customized Acrylic Sheets come in bright, day-glow colors.

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Acriglas® Neon Lights translucent acrylic sheets are suited for illuminated signs, menu boards, and displays as they maintain color and visual appeal when backlit. Standard matte finish on one side allows for better light diffusion, while glossy reverse side provides shiny appearance. Offered in standard size of 4 x 6 ft, and thickness from 1/8-½ in., customized sheets are available in drilled, routed, laser-cut, glued, formed, hot stamped, and silk-screened options.

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Acrilex Introduces Neon Lights Acrylic Sheets

Customized Acrylic Sheets Combine Functionality with Eye-Catching Design

Acrilex, Inc., a leading producer and distributor of high-end custom-colored acrylics, announces its Acriglas® Neon Lights series of acrylic sheets. The series is ideal for use in point of purchase displays, store fixtures, lighting and sign or lettering applications. Acriglas Neon Lights series sheets can be used in combination with other acrylic products in applications where required.

Offered in bright, day-glow colors, Acrilex's Acriglas Neon Lights acrylics sheets are designed to "pop" when viewed, similar to the way that highlighting markers make important text leap from a page. Because the sheets are translucent, they are perfect for the design of illuminated signs, menu boards and displays as they maintain their color and visual appeal when backlit. Each sheet has a standard matte finish on one side, offering better light diffusion, anti-glare surface and a softer appearance. The reverse side has the same glossy surface as traditional acrylic sheets, providing a sleek, shiny appearance.

Neon Lights sheets are offered at a standard size of 4 x 6 feet, and are available in thickness ranging from 1/8-½ inches. Like other acrylic sheets, Acriglas Neon Lights sheets can be drilled, routed, laser-cut, glued, formed, hot stamped and silk-screened. Sheets in the series can be custom cut or configured to meet all specifications.

About Acrilex, Inc.
Acrilex is a leading producer and distributor of custom-colored acrylics, custom-configured acrylic fixtures and other products that make people say WOW! In business to provide solutions to clients, Acrilex can design it, create it and get it to you faster than anyone else in the industry. Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, Acrilex offers a complete line of acrylic products and capabilities. To learn more about Acrilex, call Dan Rustin, a.k.a. Dr. Dan, at 1-800-222-4680, or via email at Additional information can be found on the Acrilex company website,

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