Customizable Dehumidifier features modular design.

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Consisting of standard modules with double-wall construction, BryPAC® is available in 9 sizes from 1,200-24,000 cfm. Unit includes relay logic controls, quick removal panels, and hinged access doors, which facilitate maintenance. Available for indoor/outdoor use with wipe-down or wash-down construction options, dehumidifier is suitable for industrial process temperature and humidity control for processes requiring dew point humidity below 45°F.

Original Press Release:

Bry-Air Introduces BryPAC® Dehumidifier

Sunbury, Ohio-February 1, 2008 - Bry-Air, Inc., manufacturer of custom dehumidification units, announces the latest edition to our line of dehumidifiers, the BryPAC®.

The customizable BryPAC® consists of standard modules that have double-wall construction available in nine sizes ranging from 1,200-24,000 cfm for indoor/outdoor use. With relay logic controls for simple, reliable, operation, as well as quick removal panels and hinged access doors for easy maintenance, BryPAC® is the choice for a multitude of applications. This unit is designed to meet both industrial and commercial needs. Indoor or outdoor use and wipe-down or wash-down construction options makes this versatile unit a great choice for many facilities with its unique flexible engineering. Available in 1,200 - 12,000 CFM modules.

Primary Applications: Industrial process temperature and humidity control for process requiring dews point humidity below 45ºF

Key Features: Double-wall construction throughout, choice of galvanized or stainless inner liner, available in indoor or outdoor construction, 9 unit sizes available for airflows from 1,000 to 24,000 cfm.

Key Benefits: Complete factory packaged and tested system which can include refrigeration, single-source responsibility, plug-and-play units.


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