Custom Tubular Supports, Poles and Leg Components Swaged and Formed for Many Applications from Diversico Industries

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Custom tubular supports, poles and leg components swaged and formed by Diversico Industries provide design benefits over other fabricating processes.

Available in lengths from 1 inch to 15 feet and diameters from 1/8 inch to 16 inches, these custom tubular components add strength, resist bending, simplify design and add visual product appeal.

Part characteristics available include transitions from round to square, tapers, expansions, reductions, reshaping, flaring, beading, weldless assemblies, heavy and thin wall, mating components, slip fits and reinforced tubes inside of tubes. Diversico fabricates many combinations of these part features such as round to odd shapes with extreme wall thickness. Components can be end formed with multiple secondary operations such as threading and beading. Materials formed range from aluminum to zirconium and almost everything in between.

The key benefit of these new designs is to provide an array of new options. For example, Diversico's swaged tapers are strong and resist bending. The chipless forming process Diversico uses causes the grain in metal to flow with the configuration of the part, thereby maintaining or increasing the part's strength. Also, tubular assemblies can be eliminated by combining several formed tubular parts into a single-piece formed tube. This eliminates the need for welding or adhesives that can cause heat distortion and finishing problems. Another option is weldless tubular assemblies where one tubular part is inserted into another and locked into place. Weld-free assemblies mean heat sensitive parts can be joined without expansion-coefficient problems. The possibilities are endless.

Applications for these custom tubular poles, supports and legs include furniture, recreational, industrial, agricultural and marine products.

Established in 1960, Diversico today is the largest tube forming and specialty swaging manufacturer in the Midwest, ISO 900: 2000 certified, the company has complete in-house proprietary custom forming, rotary swaging, and end forming, plus secondary operations such as drilling, punching, machining, finishing and more.

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