Custom Shelving Systems store power transmission components.

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Made of powder-coated heavy-duty steel, Customized Storage Systems can be designed as tall as required. Systems utilize every available horizontal area for shelving, while vertical face is configured to hold items that can be hung in organized fashion. Items can be customized not just for physical layout but also in respect to color coordination so client can maintain corporate color branding if desired. Typical applications include storage of bearings, resistors, capacitors, and actuators.

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Storage System for Power Transmission Components

Fast-growing workplace storage specialist Actisafe now has available customised heavy-duty shelving systems for storing components used for power transmission systems.

When designing customised solutions for management and personnel within this sector, Actisafe pays particular attention to the need for drawers specifically for smaller items.

The solution stores just about anything -- bearings, electric motors, resistors, capacitors, chains, belts, solvents and chemicals, electrical components, actuators, screws, fixtures, joints, spindles are shafts, motors, machine elements, gears and racks, couplings, clamps, gearboxes, etc.

The main advantage of Actisafe's customised solution is the end user can achieve extreme space efficiency.

Every effort is made to utilise every available horizontal area for shelving, while any available vertical face is configured to hold items that can be hung in an organised fashion.

As is the case with all Actisafe shelving equipment, items can be customised not just for physical layout but also in respect to colour coordination so a client can maintain a corporate colour branding if desired.

They are made of heavy-duty steel and finished with a long wearing powder coat. They can be designed to be as high as is required - even as floor-to-ceiling configurations.

Actisafe power transmission store shelves are also configured for easy labelling of the components they contain, so the orientation of the stock it keeps his down to the final user.

Another advantage is that should more storage space be required after the initial installation, Actisafe can simply designed more shelving solutions that integrate perfectly with what is currently on the floor.

The final layout and design is very flexible, so it is really down to collaboration between the end-user and the design specialist from Actisafe.

For more information, please contact Actisafe. 1300 852 397.

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