Custom Round Tools facilitate small-diameter machining.

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Custom Round Tools with fixed, brazed tips of PCD or PCBN are intended for machining applications 0.25 in. dia and larger, where space is restricted for insert-type cutting tools. Software automates process of designing, prototyping, and fabricating tools. After workpiece dimensions, number of flutes, spindle-connection style, and PCD or CBN segment design are input into program, software renders finished print with clearances, secondary angles, and flute design.

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CITCO Introduces New High-Precision, Diamond- And CBN-Tipped Custom Round Tools At IMTS 2004, Booth E-2110

Tooling supplier's powerful new design-and-manufacture software slashes delivery lead times by half or more.

Chardon, Ohio June 2, 2004 - CITCO Diamond & CBN Products will introduce a new line of high-precision, diamond- and CBN-tipped custom round tools with the industry's fastest available delivery at IMTS 2004 in booth E-2110. The company will feature a live demonstration of powerful new software that enables design and fabricating programs for high-precision, PCD- and PCBN-tipped round tools for milling, drilling and reaming to be quickly generated using information from customers' component part prints. Visitors are invited to bring their part-prints to CITCO's booth for a demonstration.

CITCO's highly accurate round tools with fixed, brazed tips of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) or polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) are ideal for small-diameter machining applications (approximately 0.25" diameter and larger) where space is a restriction for insert-type cutting tools. CITCO's round tools are also suitable for applications that have 3 - 5 micron tolerances on diameter, for example. Achieving such tolerances with inserted-type cutting tools is difficult because of the possibility of cutting edge movement. Presetting of multiple-tipped inserted cutter-bodies is also time-consuming and requires a high skill level.

According to CITCO engineers, the industry norm on delivery lead times for designing, prototyping and fabricating custom round tools is from 14 to over 28 weeks. Part of this is due to the fact that tool designs created by the end user often must be re-designed by the tooling supplier to have proper clearances and to be "manufacturable". To overcome this problem, CITCO recently implemented proprietary software that helps to shorten lead times by half or more by automating the process. This is accomplished by simply inputting the finish workpiece dimensions into the program along with the number of flutes, the spindle connection style, and the PCD or CBN segment design. The software immediately renders a finished print with clearances, secondary angles, and flute design. The file is then sent electronically for a solid model that can be viewed on-line.

Data from the tool design program can then be used to rapidly produce a scale model of the tool for approval. When the order is confirmed, the design is sent electronically to the tool-manufacturing site. Here, the software instantly writes the NC-CAM program that is DNC-linked to a 7-axis mill-turn center and other machining centers for fabrication. All designs are retained in the system for instant retrieval in the event of repeat orders.

Using the new software, CITCO's standard delivery for high precision custom round tools is 10 weeks. And in some cases, the company has delivered new tools in only 4 weeks from initial design to finished fabrication. In addition to saving considerable time in delivering custom round tools, CITCO's new program can reduce costs by eliminating the customer's in-house tool designs.

CITCO can design and fabricate PCD- and PCBN-tipped round tools in sizes from approximately 0.25" diameter and larger, with all popular spindle shank styles.

At IMTS, CITCO will also present its comprehensive line of diamond and CBN-tipped cutting inserts and custom-engineered tooling solutions, superabrasive grinding wheels, and diamond dressers and dressing tools.

Complete information on CITCO's new high-precision, diamond- and CBN-tipped round tools can be obtained by contacting CITCO Diamond & CBN Products, 357 Washington St., Chardon, OH 44024-1109, telephone 440-285-9181, or by visiting CITCO's web site at

About CITCO:

CITCO Diamond & CBN Products, an operation of Landis Grinding Systems, manufacturers diamond and CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding wheels, diamond dressing tools, and PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and PCBN (polycrystalline cubic boron nitride) cutting tools. Landis Grinding Systems is a pioneer and world leader in the design and manufacture of precision cylindrical, centerless, and single- and double-disc grinding machines. Landis is part of UNOVA Industrial Automation Systems (NYSE:UNA).

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