Custom Point Calibration Service Offered by Dickson

( Design engineers using data loggers or chart recorders for environmental monitoring critical to successful product design and manufacture can now call Dickson Calibration Specialists at 1-800-757-3747 or write for no-charge consultations on custom point calibrations best-matched to application requirements. Custom point calibrations, a.k.a. User Specified Temperature Points are specific pointsselected for calibration to ensure that a data logger or chart recorder is operating correctly in the operating range where it is typically used.

Dan Gawel, Manufacturing Manager comments, "Many data logger and chart recorder users do not realize that there are several options for calibration methods and that it is important to ensure that the calibration method selected provides the validated and certified calibration standard that is required. Dickson's Calibration Specialists are available to help users weigh options and find the best solution in terms of cost and accuracy."

For a summary sheet on how to choose between 1-point, 3-point and Custom Point calibrations with or without "before" data see .

Dickson Company and its web portal offer the widest selection of temperature data loggers, chart recorders, and alarm thermometers available in the world. Inquiries can be directed to Dickson customer service at, or calling 800-757-3747 or +1-630-543-3747 outside the US, FAX +630-543-0498 or by writing Dickson, 930 South Westwood Avenue, Addison, IL 60101, USA.

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