Custom PEF Sieves ensure 100% material accountability.

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Made via Photo ElectroForming (PEF) process, single-layer sieves and meshes ensure no sieved material is trapped during sieving, filtering, or grading. Meshes can be produced with aperture shapes and sizes relevant to application-specific particles, with aperture tolerances from ±2 microns. While offering consistent cross-sectional thickness, design can incorporate solid portions such as lateral supports. Products are supplied as flat sheets, flexible membranes, or 3D forms.

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PEF Sieves Ensure 100% of Material is Accounted For

Technology has been developed which ensures fine particulate materials can be 100% accounted for during sieving processes, by Weymouth based ultra-fine metal mesh specialist, Tecan. The company's sieves and meshes do not use traditional woven-wire construction and therefore ensure that no sieved materials are trapped during sieving, filtering or grading processes - ensuring no-waste fine material control and monitoring.

The company's mesh technology eradicates the problems associated with off-the-shelf meshes from traditional sources, which can suffer from restrictions such as 'square-only' apertures, across-mesh rigidity problems and unwanted material retention. The new meshes can be custom produced with bespoke aperture shapes and sizes, relevant to the particles being measured, filtered or graded - with little or no cost premium - and with aperture tolerances from +/- 2 microns.

Furthermore, mesh thickness can be selectively increased, beyond 1:1 aspect ratios, to meet exact strength and rigidity requirements. For example, solid portions such as lateral supports can easily be incorporated into the design. Mesh can also be supplied to individually specified shapes with significant reductions in customer-side processing. Tecan's mesh manufacturing technology can be readily transferred to a wide range of applications where cost-effective custom precision is essential, such as medical and scientific laboratory analysis, and various pharmaceutical, food, aerospace, precious stone and electronics applications.

Highly accurate and cost-effective custom mesh designs can be produced to satisfy virtually any filtering and sieving requirements using precision Photo ElectroForming (PEF). Easy cleaning and long operational life are also advantages of the PEF process. Unlike traditional products, the single-sheet sieves do not have cross-over areas, such as those found in woven-wire sieves. In addition to facilitating 100 percent material control - they bring a range of benefits, including the elimination of contamination due to trapped particles or bacteria, no de-lamination at the edges, consistent cross-sectional thickness and consistently accurate aperture shapes and sizes.

Mesh membranes can be produced as flat sheets, as flexible membranes, or in three-dimensional forms. Various surface textures include bright, semi-bright, matt, smooth or brushed finishes. The company employs a total design and engineering solution philosophy based on an extensive proven capability and is keen to solve individual problems - to deliver optimum custom solutions at minimum cost. The service encompasses prototype, initial production runs and quantity manufacture, as necessary.

UK Company contact - Jo Windell, Customer Care Director, Tecan, Tecan Way, Granby Ind. Est. Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 9TU. Tel: 01305 765432. Fax: 01305 780194. -

USA Company contact - Noel Cherowbrier, VP International Development, Tecan, 30021 Tomas Street, Suite 300, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688, USA. Tel: 1-877-998-3226 (toll free). Fax: 1-877-990-4700 (toll free). -

Colour separations - The cost of colour separations may be considered - contact Jill Steer, Tecan, Tecan Way, Granby Ind. Est., Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 9TU. Tel: 01305 765432. Fax: 01305 780194.

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