Custom Motion Control Devices from Lowell Provide Reliable and Cost-Effective Design Solutions

WORCESTER, MA September 14, 2009 . . . Lowell Corporation has recently expanded its capabilities for designing custom motion control components. Using the company's proven ratchet technology, Lowell can provide custom solutions for a variety of industrial, utility, and military applications that require easy and reliable mechanical adjustments.

Typical applications include paper and metal processing machinery, conveyors, heat exchangers, chain binders, and welding clamps. Uses include adjusting, indexing, backstopping, turning, tightening and loosening, feeding, positioning, braking, overrunning, and clamping.

Lowell has extensive experience in motion control with its standard line of ratchet arms, handles, and ratchet and roller clutches, and its Porter-Ferguson hydraulic devices. But sometimes, off-the-shelf solutions can be more expensive than custom because they may not work as well.

When engineers require a non-standard motion control device, Lowell can often fill the need by modifying an existing product in its line. For example, Lowell can alter the shape or size of the drive, change the number of teeth on a gear, or add a free-running neutral. For other applications, a handle can be shortened, lengthened, bent, off-set, or hinged. Mounting configurations can also be repositioned.

Other applications may require a completely new design for indexing or back-stopping components, handles for set-up or adjustment, or tool kit items.

For maximum cost efficiency, OEM engineers and inventors are encouraged to bring their applications, ideas, and designs to Lowell as early as possible in the product development cycle.

All Lowell products are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of delivery.

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