Custom Foam Packaging protects heavy items.

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Providing custom-fit protective cushion for small, dense items such as gears, motors, and pumps, Instapak Quick Tuff® RT Foam Packaging consists of bag containing 2 liquid components that, when combined, will expand up to 27 times original volume. Packaging does not require warmer or dispensing system and can be immediately activated at room temperature. Available in 3 bag sizes, Instapak Quick Tuff® RT can also be used as corner protection for larger items.

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Sealed Air Expands Line of Convenient, Custom Foam Packaging to Provide a Solution for Heavier Items

Instapak Quick Tuff® RT Foam Packaging Requires No Equipment

DANBURY, Conn. (Nov. 9, 2008) - Sealed Air Corp., the originator of Instapak® foam
packaging, announces the latest innovation to its award-winning line of Instapak Quick® products, Quick Tuff® RT (Room Temperature) foam packaging.

Instapak Quick Tuff® RT provides users with a custom-fit protective cushion that is fast, easy-to-use and ideal for packaging small, dense items such as gears, motors and pumps, and also can be used as corner protection for larger items. The new foam packaging's superior cushioning abilities provide maximum product protection while using a minimal amount of foam, allowing users the opportunity to reduce the size of their shipping cartons, thus lowering dimensional weight freight charges.

As is the case with the original Instapak Quick® RT product, Instapak Quick Tuff® RT foam packaging does not require a warmer or dispensing system. This dramatically increases the convenience of using the product because the packaging can immediately be activated at room temperature, when and where it is needed. Users can produce just-in-time protective foam cushions at any location and can also support multiple packaging areas easily, without the burden of capital equipment and installation requirements associated with many other packaging systems.

"Our intense commitment to research and development allows us to continuously innovate
and develop new products, as well as improve existing ones, in order to meet the ever changing needs of our customers," said Instapak Quick® product manager, Tim McInerney.
Instapak Quick Tuff® RT foam packaging consists of a bag containing two liquid
components that, when combined, will expand up to 27 times their original volume. To create a custom foam cushion, the bag is manually activated by mixing the two components until the foam starts to expand. The bag is then placed into the shipping container where it forms a custom-fit protective cushion around the product. The foam packaging reduces damage to items by providing superior cushioning, and blocking and bracing protection.

In addition to superior cushioning capabilities, the foam packaging provides a professional packaging solution that enhances the appearance of items being shipped. With three bag sizes available, Instapak Quick Tuff® RT foam packaging is designed to accommodate a variety of packaging needs for an assortment of products.

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