Custom Fabrication

Belting Industries provides the finest custom fabrication services in the world. Our staff works closely with our customers to provide special belts for challenging applications. Included among our numerous services are providing belts with hot molded or cold bonded T-Cleats, corrugated sidewalls, flanges, and Vee-Guides. For vacuum or suction applications, we have the capability of perforating belts up to 50" wide with various hole diameters and patterns. For compression, cushioning, feeding and extruding, special covers can be molded or vulcanized to a belt surface in various thicknesses. For this process, we usually use neoprene sponge, polyurethane foam, gum rubber or Linatex. Our custom services also include the capability to splice widths over the normal 60 to 72 inch wide belt, as well as the ability to provide track and trim services.

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