Custom-Fabricated Thermal Management Materials Save Time, Money

ROCHESTER, NY – Web Seal fabricates custom thermal management materials manufactured by Bergquist, Chomerics, Kerafol, 3M, MHW, and Chang Sung for a wide variety of industries, including automotive, communication, defense /aerospace, textiles, food processing, chemical industries, and medical instruments.  With advances in electronics, thermal management is especially critical due to growing technical demands. 

Thermal management materials, custom-fabricated by Web Seal, offer a range of features to meet your specific product needs, including self-adhesion qualities and the ability to add pressure-sensitive adhesives, which aid in ease of assembly.

Many flexible thermal management materials are designed to simplify assembly and, unlike other types of heat dissipation techniques, can be used without grease.  Some are able to be used permanently without drying out, providing long-lasting heat conduction, saving time and money.  Thermal management materials have a selection of physical properties:

  • temperature requirements, including extreme conditions

  • outgassing

  • hardness

  • hydrolysis

  • internal strength

  • resistance to ozone, ultraviolet and chemicals

  • conformity

  • performance range

  • selection of colors

Web Seal can fabricate a wide selection of materials to meet your thermal management needs:

  • thermal gap pads/gap fillers

  • thermally conductive films

  • conductive fabrics, woven and non-woven

  • EMI shielding textiles bonded to foams

  • conductive adhesive tapes

  • copper, aluminum and other metalized mesh, foils, films and tapes

  • specialty materials such as silicone-free PCM (phase change materials) or thermoplastic polyurethane

One type of thermal management materials is a conductive sheet that quickly transfers heat from its source to low-temperature areas.  “Hard” dissipation sheets have a standard thickness of 0.3-0.5mm, and come in durometers (Shore A) of 30, 40 and 55.  They feature:

  • high thermal conductivity with excellent insulating properties

  • low siloxane content

  • an option for pressure-sensitive adhesives with release liner on one side

“Soft” sheets with a standard thickness of 0.5-5.0mm offer self-adhesion, low hardness and high incombustibility.  “Super Soft” types have excellent self-adhesion properties and ultra-low hardness.

Fiberglass reinforced heat dissipation sheets are ideal for areas requiring high tensile strength.  They also feature excellent insulation and high thermal conductivity, typically with a standard thickness of 0.3-1.0mm. 

Web Seal provides precision-engineered sealing solutions for a wide variety of industries and businesses. 

With a hallmark tradition of excellent customer service for more than 50 years, Web Seal is ISO and ITAR registered and an SBA-certified Small Business.  For more information, contact sales at (800) 366-1320 or

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