Custom Cover Manufacturing Process a Hit with Master-Lee Electric Power Producer Clients

Custom Cover Manufacturing Process a Hit with Master-Lee Electric Power Producer Clients.
Ability to produce custom covers utilizing mass production techniques allows quick turn-around & increased cost-savings for FME departments.

San Diego, California, May 12, 2009-Industrial sewing firm, Gary Manufacturing today announced a new production process that would allow for custom capabilities of individual items within a mass production run. "This is good news for any client with a complicated project that requires detailed differences on each item within a large run," said Kerri Smith, Director of Operations.

Smith is referring to the needs of Facilities, Maintenance and Engineering (FME) departments who need a large quantity of custom covers but each cover may be slightly different. A typical project inside an electric power plant for example, is covering piping, vessel head enclosures, or barriers that contain safety instructions for a particular apparatus. Each one is a slightly different shape. Additionally the covers may have to imprint an identifier, or site specific instructions on each one.

Gary Manufacturing has been sewing custom vinyl covers for over 50 years. "Typically, in the past, a client like Master-Lee Decon Services would approach us, and we'd have to quote this type of detailed job based on a sampling process, because while each cover is similar, the item being covered was not identical to the next, so we would have to be custom-make each cover. This made costs prohibitive for end-users," she said. "To solve this situation, we implemented a streamlined production process that allows us to add details to a master production ticket, so we can take advantage of the manufacturing efficiencies created by mass production," she continued.

The unique requirements of an order are identified through the use of software, and a proprietary labeling system so as the order moves through the production line, the specific requirements of each piece are implemented. "Our clients like Master-Lee Decon Services are particularly happy because they can hand off CAD drawings of each item within the production run, and we can produce the products in a normal 10-day turn-around time, not wait for months while each item is produced as a one-off. We still custom-make each one, but in a much more efficient way," she concluded.

"We are very pleased with the results," said Rick McCormick of Master-Lee Decon Services, the client who most recently utilized the process. "We had an order for close to 60 large, custom rail covers for barriers within an electric power production facility. Each one had an imprinted ID number which told the user where to put it, and small details like the pass-throughs and mouse holes were in different places. We utilized the team at Gary, and within 2 weeks, an entire department was completely over-hauled. Our client is very pleased."

"Our clients really expect expert individualized attention on these projects," said Smith. We have a way to deliver that, and in this day and age, in a technology-deficient niche like industrial sewing, it's what keeps manufacturing firms like ours growing."

Since 1958, Gary Manufacturing has specialized in commercial and industrial sewing, producing goods such as bags, custom covers, and a variety of private label products. Gary Manufacturing is based in San Diego and has the ability to produce goods locally or offshore. For more information, visit or call (619) 429-4479.

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