Custom Air Handler features double wall construction.

Press Release Summary:

Integrated Custom Air Handler incorporates no-through metal design in either 2.5 or 4 in. wall thickness. Smooth-fitting panels create fewer joints, preventing leaks, while sloping roof eliminates standing rainwater. Doors are available in inward and outward swinging or plug design. Standard options include chilled water piping, refrigeration packages, filtration, full temperature and humidity controls, face and bypass heating and humidity control.

Original Press Release:

Munters New Integrated Custom Air Handler (ICA) Combines a Superior Custom Air Handler with Expertise In Applying Desiccant Technology

Munters Dehumidification Division (DH) introduces the Integrated Custom Air Handler (ICA) line of full-featured, factory-built custom air handling systems. The ICA incorporates many advanced features including an innovative double wall construction that incorporates a superior no-through metal design in either 2.5 or 4 inch wall thickness.

Unlike other custom air handlers, the ICA maintains its no-through metal design on all surfaces, even the system base. This and other features make the ICA especially suitable for pharmaceutical and food process manufacturing applications that operate under strict FDA and GMP sanitation requirements.

Munters, the originator of desiccant wheel technology, specializes in designing desiccant dehumidification air handling systems.

"The complex task of integrating a desiccant dehumidifier with other air conditioning components is made easy with this custom air handling unit," said Jeff Siemasko, marketing manager for Munters DH Division. "Using Munters' advanced selection software the most efficient and cost-effective humidity control system for a building or manufacturing process can be created for any application by choosing from a large variety of standard HVAC components and Munters desiccant dehumidifiers, including ten desiccant rotor sizes and seven desiccant options. A Munters sales engineer can produce a job specific design package for a customer within a day. This includes a system schedule, equipment drawings, utility requirements and a quotation, quickly and easily."

The ICA units can be customized to meet almost any requirement. Standard options of the ICA include chilled water piping, refrigeration packages, filtration, full temperature and humidity controls, face and bypass heating and humidity control, among others.

Additional features of the ICA include:

o Advanced Housing Design - Large smooth-fitting panels create fewer joints preventing leaks and improving sanitation. Floors flush with jamb permit easy washing and component removal. A sloping roof eliminates standing rainwater.
o Double Wall Construction - Surface options of galvalume, textured aluminum, stainless steel or any combination permit an effective choice for all operational environments.
o Clean-In-Place Design - Smooth interior surfaces, "seamless panel joints," and triple-sloped self-draining floors allow for thorough and fast interior washdowns.
o Insulation - Double wall construction with thermal break design is offered in insulation thickness of 2.5 and 4 inches to prevent external condensation.
o Access Doors - Doors are available in inward and outward swinging or plug design.
o Controls - Humidity control is accomplished with either process air face and bypass dampers or reactivation energy modulation for less demanding applications.
o NRTL approved to UL standards.
o Manufactured to ISO 9001 Certification standards.

To meet Munters' stringent quality standards, all ICA units are factory tested. Systems can be shipped skid-mounted and fully operational, or in modules for quick assembly on the job-site. To reduce customer delivery time and shipping costs, ordered units can be built at the Munters facility closest to the customer.

Munters DH Division manufactures state-of-the-art air-conditioning and dehumidification systems for industrial environments that benefit from both reduced humidity and cooler temperatures.

With over 20,000 dehumidification systems manufactured during the past 60 years, Munters Corp. is the world's largest manufacturer of dehumidification systems. The company provides equipment that humidifies, dehumidifies and cools air, controls emissions and dries water damaged environments.

Munters America has operations in more than 30 locations throughout the United States, as well as in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Its parent company, Munters AB, is headquartered in Sweden and has operations in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

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