Curved Racks and Ring Gears Available From ATLANTA Drive Systems

ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc. is now offering custom curved racks and ring gears to complement their wide range of standard rack & pinion drives.  The curved racks and ring gears can be produced with straight or helical teeth, internal or external teeth, in a variety of tooth pitches, materials, heat treatments and quality levels.  Ground gears can be produced up to 2.5 meter diameter and cut gears up to 6.0 meter diameter.

Customers can provide their own drawings and designs, or ATLANTA can help engineer them for their specific application.  ATLANTA can help customers determine the best design for their application, whether for a rotary turntable or axis drive, and confirm the selection will work as desired.

By adding curved racks and ring gears to their product offerings, ATLANTA can now provide a complete drive solution for both linear and rotary applications.  This means that the complete axis drive, including the servo reducer, pinion, ring gear and automatic lubrication system, can be purchased all from one source.

ATLANTA has the widest standard range of rack and pinions in the World, consisting of both helical & straight (spur) tooth versions, in an assortment of sizes (module 1.0 to 12.0), materials and quality levels (DIN 4 to 10, AGMA 8 to 12+).  With their vast inventory, most rack & pinions are available from stock for just in time deliveries.

For more information, contact ATLANTA Drive Systems at:  (800) 505-1715, or on the web at:

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