Current Transducers feature split-core functionality.

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DIN-rail mount Series AP/APR offers user-selectable input ranges from 10-400 A and choice of 4-20 mA or 0-5/0-10 V outputs. They include quick-connect control signal wiring and large aperture with built-in stress relief. Transducers utilize PRIME® technology, where current is sensed without use of magnetic circuit, providing immunity against saturation due to over-current conditions. True RMS model APR is suited for non-linear loads or noisy environments.

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NK TECHNOLOGIES Introduces New Split-Core Current Transducer Based on PRIME® Technology

CAMPBELL, California, - NK Technologies, a leading supplier of current sensors and transducers for factory and industrial automation, has unveiled a new family of current transducers with innovative mechanical design and the first-ever application of PRIME® current technology within the industrial automation market.

Current sensors have long been used by industry as a non-intrusive means of monitoring and controlling motors, heaters and lighting circuits. NK Technologies' newest product, the AP/APR Series current transducer, offers dramatic savings in installation time over comparable alternatives for panel-mount applications. Product features include split-core functionality (no need for disconnecting wires), compact size, DIN-rail mounting and quick-connect control signal wiring. Combined with user-selectable input ranges from 10A to 400A, choice of 4-20mA or 0-5/0-10V outputs and a large aperture with built-in stress relief, the AP/APR Series products establish a new benchmark for customer usability, cost effectiveness and ease of use.

An industry first, the AP and APR products rely on a patented sensing technique known as PRIME® technology (Planar Rogowski I MEasurement) where current is sensed without the use of a traditional magnetic circuit. This unique, technological innovation gives the transducer immunity against saturation due to over-current conditions while maintaining an absolute accuracy of better than 0.8% over a broad range of inputs. Coupled with a wide, 1 kHz bandwidth, an operating range of -20ºC to +60ºC, and the availability of a True RMS model (APR) for non-linear loads or "noisy" environments, the AP and APR make an excellent choice for system integrators and automation distributors looking for accurate and cost-effective DIN-rail mounted current transducers.

AP and APR Series transducers are available in sample quantities now and are expected to ship in commercial quantities in August 2003. For more information on these or any of the other products from NK Technologies, please contact your local representative; distributor; or NK Technologies, 1400 Dell Avenue, Suite A, Campbell, California, 95008, (800) 959-4014.

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, NK Technologies has served the factory automation and HVAC markets as a leading manufacturer of quality AC and DC Current Sensors, Transducers, Ground Fault Sensors and Power Monitors since 1984. For application in motor status monitoring, equipment protection and ground fault sensing, their products provide for easy, cost-effective installation and reduced operational costs. For additional information on NK Technologies, please contact the company or visit their website at

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