Current-to-Voltage Sensor is designed for PCB mounting.

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Model EX9PC500 measures AC currents up to 50 A, 47 to 400 Hz. Toroidally wound precision coil has 0.31 in. dia sensor coil. Typical maximum voltage outputs are 440 mV @ 50 A with 10 ohm burden resistance and 660 mV @ 30 A with 24 ohm burden resistance. Low loss materials offer linearity of 3% or better over temperature range. Dimensions are (HxWxL) 31.2 x 17.2 x 27.2 mm. Sensors are mounted using 4 PCB pins, 2 of which provide voltage output connection.

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50A Linear Current to Voltage Sensor Designed for PCB Mounting

Bicron's EX9PC500 Current to Voltage Sensor measures AC currents up to 50A, 47Hz - 400Hz. Typical applications include current measurement and control, power demand measurement, current signature of motors, load, ground fault, and process parameter sensing, lamp or heater status, power failure, and device loss alarms.

The EX9PC500 is a toroidally wound precision coil. In operation, the current carrying conductor passes through a 0.31-inch diameter sensor coil center or "window" without making direct electrical contact. A linear voltage proportional to the conductor current is induced in the sensor coil. The sensor coil voltage output may be easily optimized at various current ranges up to 50A by changing a customer supplied burden resistor value. Typical maximum voltage outputs are 440mV @50A with a 10 ohm burden resistance and 660mV @30A with a 24 ohm burden resistance.

The EX9PC500 is optimized for a 0-50A range. Use of low loss materials assures linearity of 3% or better over wide temperature ranges. Dimensions are (HxWxL) 31.2 x 17.2 x 27.2mm Other ratios and window sizes are also readily available as "modified standards."

Designed for low voltage, indoor use, the EX9PC500 is protected by varnish impregnated glass tape. The sensors are mounted using four PCB pins, two of which also provide voltage output connection. Pricing is approximately $2.80ea in OEM quantities.

The EX9PC500 is one of many new standard current sensing models. Bicron offers both PC board mounted and leaded units. Bicron will readily modify any standard design to meet special design requirements. Bicron is IS09001 Registered and offers globally competitive pricing.

About Bicron:

Bicron Electronics also designs and manufactures a complete range of standard and custom toroidal power and isolation transformers as well as a broad line of dc tubular, open frame, magnetic latching and non-latching solenoids.

Bicron has been a quality electronic products manufacturer since 1964 and is certified under ISO 9001.

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