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Current-to-Digital Converter Module simplifies CT scanner design.

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Current-to-Digital Converter Module simplifies CT scanner design.

Aug 04, 2014 - Reducing complexity of CT scanner system design, ADAS1131 embeds 256 integrators, simultaneous sample-and-hold circuitry, and 2 high-speed ADCs with configurable sampling rates. Module also incorporates all associated internal buffers as well as decoupling and by-pass capacitors for data acquisition. With 0.8 mm pitch, 15 mm² BGA package can be mounted on standard PCB substrate. This 256-channel, 24-bit current-to-digital converter module consumes 3 mW per channel at any throughput.

Analog Devices Inc - Norwood, MA

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Industry's First 256-Channel, 24-Bit Current-to-Digital Converter Module for CT Scanners Simplifies Design and Reduces System Costs

Press release date: Jul 30, 2014

ADI’s new current-to-digital converter module doubles channel count while requiring 33 percent less real estate than alternative devices, plus mounts on standard PCB substrates.

NORWOOD, Mass. -- Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI), a global leader in high-performance signal processing technology and leading provider of ICs for medical imaging, introduced today a current-to-digital converter module that reduces the cost and complexity of computed tomography (CT) scanner system design. The ADAS1131 is a 256-channel, 24-bit current-to-digital converter module that is available in a 15-mm² BGA package with a 0.8-mm pitch. The device uses approximately 33 percent less PCB area than alternative devices that offer only half the channel density. The 0.8-mm pitch packaging feature enables designers to mount the ADAS1131 on a standard PCB substrate, a less costly and higher yield option than high density, specialized PCB substrates requiring laser vias.

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In addition to embedding 256 low-power, low-noise, low-input-current integrators, simultaneous sample-and-hold circuitry, and two high-speed A/D converters with configurable sampling rates, the ADAS1131 module incorporates all associated internal buffers, decoupling and by-pass capacitors for data acquisition, further reducing component count and simplifying board layout. The new converter consumes 3 mW of power per channel at any throughput, which is the same as competing devices that integrate only 128 channels.
Pricing and Availability
Part Number Availability Resolution Channel Count Price Each Per 1,000 Price3 Per Channel Packaging
ADAS1131 Now 24-bit 256 $304.00 $1.19/ch 15-mm × 15-mm 324-ball CSP-BGA

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