Current Sense Resistors feature low resistance values.

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Consisting of 2 W, size 2512 metal element resistors, CSNL Series is capable of tolerances down to 1%, resistance values from .001-.007 W, and TCRs of ±50 ppm. By careful adjustment of alloys used to make resistance element, units do not need laser trim to calibrate resistance value. Resistors come in 7 in. tape and reel packaging in 2,000 piece quantities.

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Stackpole Electronics, Inc. Announces the CSNL Series of Low Resistance Value Current Sense Resistors

RALEIGH, N.C. (March 19, 2007) - Stackpole Electronics, Inc. announces the expansion of the CSNL series of metal element current sense resistors. This series currently consists of a 2 watt 2512 size and is capable of tolerances of down to 1% and resistance values from .001 to .007 ohms, however higher or lower resistance values may also be possible. 2010 and 1206 chip sizes are also under development.

The CSNL series from Stackpole differs from competitive metal element current sense chips in that it is not laser trimmed. By careful adjustment of the alloys used to make the resistance element, the CSNL doesn't need a laser trim to calibrate the resistance value. This expands the effective current path to virtually the entire resistor width making the part more physically robust and allowing the part to run considerably cooler at a given current level. Product Engineering Manager Kory Schroeder comments, "Although the method of changing alloys to adjust resistance value makes manufacturing a bit more challenging initially, the benefits of removing the laser trim, and the resulting hot spots, on a part that is meant to handle high currents far outweigh the additional effort needed."

The CSNL further expands an already extensive current sense chip resistor offering from Stackpole. This product offering includes the CSR / CSRN series of thick film current sense chips, the CSRF series of metal element on ceramic carrier current sense chips, and the CSRL / CSNL series of metal element low resistance current sense chips. Each series has features that make them attractive to the design engineer. The thick film CSR and CSRN are the most cost effective and provide +/- 200 ppm TCR's down to .01 ohms. The CSRN is designed with limits on the termination widths to ensure that space remains for running circuit board traces under the part. The CSRF metal on ceramic carrier is designed to bridge the gap between the thick film chips and the metal element CSRL / CSNL. The CSRF is capable of resistance values from .001 up to .5 ohms and is capable of 50 ppm TC above .01. The CSRL / CSNL series of metal element chips are available in resistance values from .001 to .007 and in TCR's of +/- 50 ppm.

Typical pricing for the CSNL 2 is $0.15 to $0.20 each for full reel quantities. It comes in standard 7 inch tape and reel packaging in 2000 pcs quantities. Standard lead time is 6 to 8 weeks though most values are available from stock in the 1% tolerance option.

For more information about Stackpole products, contact Stackpole Electronics, Inc. at 2700 Wycliff Road Suite 410, Raleigh NC 27607; phone 919-850-9500; fax 919-850-9504; email; or visit the Web site at

Stackpole Electronics Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of resistors supplying to the worlds largest OEMs, contract manufacturers and distributors. Headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., the privately held company began manufacturing in 1928 as part of Stackpole Carbon Company in St. Mary's, Pennsylvania. Now affiliated with Akahane Electronics, Stackpole has manufacturing facilities in Japan, Taiwan, China and Mexico; warehousing facilities in El Paso, Hong Kong and Japan; and sales offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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