Curlin Teams with EcoZohm to Provide Eco Friendly Sustainable Industrial LED Lighting

Tampa Florida – Curlin, a leading integrator of material handling solutions since 1940 is introducing the EcoZohm MaxGreen line of sustainable industrial LED lighting products for industrial, commercial, retail and infrastructure projects.

Light-emitting diodes are semiconductor devices that convert electricity to light by using the movement of electrons.  LED lighting has been used in the United States since the 1960s when it was primarily used for indicators in electronics. 

Advancement in technology has made the LED the most efficient and sustainable light source available.  By using digital technology to match LED lighting with intelligent controls, integrators have created unique configurations for buildings that exploit the many advantages that LED technology provides.

LED lighting is 50 to 90 percent more efficient than traditional high intensity discharge, metal halides, high-pressure sodium and fluorescent lights. LED's contain no lead or mercury and with proper light levels and improved color rendering can create a safer environment.  By using less wattage, CO2 gas consumption is dramatically reduced. The 100,000 hour life span of led lights significantly lowers the cost of ballast and lamp replacement.

The partnership between Curlin, EcoZohm continues to provide new reliable solutions for both interior and exterior lighting.  LED lighting is ideal for large industrial spaces, such as manufacturing and warehouse facilities as well as offices.  LED lighting is helping companies around the world dramatically reduce electric bills, eliminate maintenance cost, and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

Curlin Vice President Jeremy Chapman states "Curlin and EcoZohm's design professionals offer layout assistance thru state of the art lighting analysis software.  We will help you compare your current lighting system's life cost to the energy efficient and low maintenance LEDs. By taking advantage of LED Lighting Utility rebates, an often overlooked business expense can be greatly reduced while utilizing an environmentally safe product."

For more information on the EcoZohm MaxGreen advantages call 1-877-643-4968 or visit the website at

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