Curable Elastomer offers alternative to RTV silicones.

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UV curable UV21 elastomer compound offers fast-curing alternative to conventional moisture-curing silicone materials for use in seals, gaskets, bonding and protective coatings. It resists chemicals, has good electrical insulation properties, and is not affected by exposure to moisture and other hostile environmental conditions. It adheres to many plastics, including polycarbonates and acrylics, plus glass and many other substrates.

Original Press Release:

One Component Master Bond UV21 UV Curable Elastomer Compound

Offering A High Performance Fast Curing Alternative To Moisture Curing RTV Silicones For Use-In Place Seals, Gaskets, Bonding And Protective Coating Applications.

Master Bond Inc. (Hackensack, NJ) has successfully developed a new high performance UV curable elastomer compound called UV21 which offers a fast curing alternative to conventional moisture curing silicone materials for use-in-place seals, gaskets, bonding and protective coatings. The Master Bond UV21 is a one component 100% reactive composition with excellent storage stability at ambient temperatures. Optimal cure rates can be achieved in a matter of seconds when exposed to UV light in the 320-365 nanometer range and radiation dosages in the range of 20-40 watts per cm2 . Suitable UV equipment can be obtained from any one of a wide array of commercial suppliers. The cured UV21 urethane elastomer exhibits strength properties and a degree of flexibility which exceed similar product characteristics of moisture curing RTV silicones. Additionally the UV21 compound offers substantial improvements in chemical resistance and has excellent electrical insulation properties which are not affected by exposure to moisture and other hostile environmental conditions. The Shore A hardness of 38-40 matches that of conventional RTV silicones. The service temperature range is from -65°F to +2500F. A high viscosity version called UV21T is available for applications where the applied elastomer compound is expected to remain in place upon deposition onto a substrate. The UV21 elastomer has excellent adhesive properties to many plastics including polycarbonates, acrylics, etc. as well as glass and many other substrates.

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