CULTEC Stormwater Chambers Added to BOSS International's StormNET Software by Popular Demand.

BROOKFIELD, CT/January 22, 2009 - All CULTEC stormwater chambers are now modeled in BOSS International's StormNET® software, including the new Recharger® 330XL. CULTEC models were added to the software in response to inquiries from engineers, consulting firms, and municipalities who use the company's chambers to solve their stormwater management and septic leachfield needs.

StormNET is a hydrodynamic modeling package that helps analyze and design urban stormwater, wastewater, and combined sewer systems. It can handle a variety of complex flow situations such as looped networks, interconnected ponds, and pumps. In addition, StormNET can model all aspects of stormwater quality/quantity and incorporates best management practices (BMP), such as CULTEC systems. The inclusion of best management practices is critical since water quality modeling is often required as part of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting process.

"We received many inquiries from our customers who use CULTEC products in their stormwater management plans and wanted to see the company's chambers incorporated into StormNET," said Chris Maeder, Senior Technical Engineer for BOSS International. "We have included all of their storage products to make more options available to our users, and the feedback has been very positive. With our software, CULTEC customers are able to do their calculations and specifications faster and more efficiently."

StormNET users can work with all CULTEC models, including the Contactor® and Recharger® series. The Contactor is a lower profile, lower capacity chamber used primarily for managing stormwater for installations with stringent depth restrictions. The Recharger series are high profile, high capacity chambers that can be used for retention, detention, recharging, or controlling the flow of on-site stormwater run-off.

All CULTEC chambers feature built-in endwalls for strength throughout the system and a patented, overlapping rib connection, which allows for easy installation and a stronger connection between chambers. They are constructed of high-density polyethylene for greater chemical resistance to parking lot run-off. For more information, please call (800) 4-CULTEC or visit

StormNET is the leading software for analyzing and designing urban drainage systems, stormwater sewers, and sanitary sewers. It includes a range of features and capabilities that make it faster, simpler to use, and more accurate. StormNET is used by over 3,000 companies worldwide. StormNET easily interfaces with AutoCAD Land Desktop and Civil 3D, and it is the only model that combines complex hydrology, hydraulics, and water quality in a completely graphical, easy-to-use interface. By including various hydrology models such as TR-20, TR-55, Rational Method, EPA SWMM, HEC-1, and others, StormNET can easily address the stormwater engineer's modeling needs.

CULTEC, Inc., headquartered in Brookfield, Connecticut, is a national manufacturer of plastic chambers used in subsurface retention/detention stormwater management systems and septic applications. In addition, the company has designed its own manifold and water quality systems to complement its product line. CULTEC offers a complete stormwater management plan to help engineers and their clients meet Phase II regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Water Act. The company currently provides the largest variety of sizes and types of products of any chamber manufacturer, and its Recharger® and Contactor® models have an established history on the stormwater and septic markets dating back to 1986.

BOSS International has developed civil engineering hydrology and hydraulic software for over twenty years. In addition to StormNET, BOSS International offers RiverCAD for the modeling of river hydraulics and DAMBRK for dam safety analysis. For more information, visit

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