Cultec, Inc. Offers "Big" Advantages at Shopping Center

BROOKFIELD, CT – Long before the ground is broken, commercial development requires extensive planning including how to manage stormwater.  CULTEC, Inc.'s subsurface stormwater systems offer engineers, contractors and developers an environmentally sound stormwater option that offers increased capacity, flexibility and the ease of installation preferred on commercial sites.

In May 2006, site preparation began at the North Town Center in Stratford, Connecticut.  The 13.3-acre site will be anchored the world class Big Y supermarket along with New Alliance Bank and space for a dozen other retail stores.  Slated for completion in December 2007, the shopping center will provide approximately 118,000-square-feet of building space and 8 acres of paved parking areas, previously capable of absorbing run-off where soon to be replaced by non-permeable roofs and paved parking lots.

According to Clean Water Act regulations, a certain percentage of run-off created by impervious surfaces must be treated onsite to prevent pollution to the surrounding areas.   Engineers from Stratford-based AM Engineering, a division of Tilton Associates, Inc., specified a CULTEC single-level subsurface detention system including nearly 1,600 Recharger® 330 HD stormwater chambers.  The underground detention system, covering almost 70,000-square-feet, was designed to capture, treat and store temporary run-off until its subsequent release through a storm drain.

"Beside the environmental benefits and increased capacity, a major benefit of this system was how efficiently it could be installed," said Chris Fitzpatrick, owner of Chris Construction Company, the project's site development company.  "Two workers are able to line up the chambers while excavation is underway which saves valuable time as well as decrease labor costs for the installation."

The magnitude of the site as well as the lack of available land surrounding the property eliminated the possibility for any kind of above-ground stormwater option. 

CULTEC, Inc., headquartered in Brookfield, Connecticut, is a national manufacturer of plastic chambers used in subsurface retention/detention stormwater management systems and septic installations.  In addition, CULTEC has designed its own manifold and water quality systems to complement its product line.  CULTEC currently offers the largest variety of sizes and types of products than any other chamber manufacturer.  The company's Recharger® and Contactor® chambers are used extensively in Clean Water Act applications, and utilize high-density polyethylene material, a patented interlocking rib connection and fully-formed endwall to achieve long life and durability.

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