CTI-X7 Ceramic Process Equipment

Cedar Bluff, VA – Ceramic Technology, Inc. recently exhibited their Redesigned HM Cyclones at the Coal Prep Show in Lexington KY. This technology improves wear relating to impact abrasion on the center line of the inlet head.

By fabricating the cyclone out of ¼" Carbon Steel and lining with 2" and 1½" Engineered Alumina Ceramic, the improved design supports rapid repair replacement/maintenance schedules.

Some of the many features and benefits of buying CTI-X7 HM Cyclones is:

• 3-6 Weeks Delivery Schedule

• Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide parts Available upon Request

• Better Operational Performance Platform with Improved Maintenance Cost

• Guaranteed Satisfaction as to Improved Redesign

• Made in Virginia utilizing US materials and labor

The exhibited HM Cyclone is only one of the many custom made mineral processing equipment CTI proudly offers. CTI proudly offers innovative standards, designs, and manufacturing procedures to meet demanding delivery schedules for coal and coal fired capital expansion needs of coal and mineral mining industries.  From their engineering and manufacturing facility located in Southwest Virginia, CTI services customers across the US and into Western Canada, meeting the needs of clients, distributors, and customers in coal, potash, and gold mining industries.

Now recognized as a consistent performance brand, CTI continues to support expansion by the manufacturing of ceramic systems equipment targeting a 20:1 baseline return on customer investment that will improve customer production cost.  Ceramic Technology, Inc. focuses on superior performance solutions as to abrasion and wear replacement.

For more information on CTI please contact:

Lee Osborne



Sam Sanders

Vice President



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