CTDI Releases New Loop Carrier from GoDigital Products Group

WEST CHESTER, Pa. & FREMONT, Calif.-Sept. 22, 2006-Communications Test Design, Inc. (CTDI), the largest independent global telecommunications repair and logistics provider, announced today that its GoDigital Products Group (www.godigital.com) has released the XCel-12GS, a 12-line digital loop carrier targeted to the local exchange carrier (LEC) markets.

The XCel-12GS will convert a single conventional telephone line into 12 high-quality, fully-featured voice lines, providing an alternative to additional copper or fiber optic cable runs. The XCel-12GS offers complete remote diagnostics capability for maintenance, and uses a clocked-down g.SHDSL transport for spectrum compatibility with ADSL from within the same cables.

Up to twelve lines can be installed at a single location or distributed along any given route via Add/Drop repeaters. The XCel-12GS is line powered, and can be repeated to provide a reach of 50,000 feet or more, eliminating the need for additional cabinets, rectifiers and battery packs in the field. When used in conjunction with GoDigital's XCel-4a DSL extension system, an LEC can install twelve voice lines and four DSL lines at any remote location in a short period of time using only two single copper pairs, giving customers the voice and data services they demand while providing the LEC with capital for larger, more forward-looking projects. The remote terminal of the XCel-12GS shares the same package as the GoDigital XCel-4a DSL Extension System, providing seamless connection and service combinations.

"In today's competitive telecom environment, telephone companies are continually challenged to offer customers expanded, high-bandwidth services, such as ADSL," states Brian Parsons, Director of CTDI's Products Division. "With the growth of home businesses and telecommuting, many customers requiring expanded services may live in remote locations where existing copper cables do not have enough capacity, or where providing optical fiber in the access network may be difficult in terms of cost, logistics and installation. CTDI is helping to meet those challenges by providing a solution in a compact, cost-effective package via our new XCel-12GS as well as our existing XCel-4a DSL extension system."

The GoDigital Products Group designs equipment that facilitates universal broadband coverage, increases copper access line performance, and provides mechanized loop testing technology. More than 300 local exchange carriers use GoDigital products, including Qwest, Verizon, ALLTEL, CenturyTel, TELUS and Iowa Telecom. GoDigital, the leading supplier of line-powered broadband network access products in North America, was acquired by CTDI earlier this year.

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