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CT Inspection Systems perform non-destructive materials testing.

Press Release Summary:

May 22, 2014 - Leveraging icon-based YXLON Geminy software platform, FF20 CT and FF35 CT support all levels of users with operation that delivers optimal data quality in 3D inspection via system intelligence. Smart touch operating concept, which involves one horizontal monitor and one vertical monitor, increases work ergonomics while simplifying operational workflows. Operators can obtain information via remote access using wireless device or be updated automatically via push messages.

Yxlon International - Hudson, OH

Original Press Release

YXLON Launches Two Highly Precise Computed Tomography (CT) Inspection Systems for Non-Destructive Testing of Materials

Press release date: May 12, 2014

YXLON FF35 CT and FF20 CT offer industry’s first smart touch simplicity and convenience with dual monitors, intuitive Geminy software control and remote monitoring

Akron, Ohio, USA — YXLON, the leading provider of X-ray and CT inspection for industrial applications worldwide, announces the new YXLON FF20 CT and FF35 CT systems for the non-destructive testing and measurement of materials. Conventional computed tomography scanners on the market are complex systems involving sophisticated operation—even for experienced users. In contrast, the new YXLON Geminy software platform intuitively supports all levels of users with simplistic operation that delivers the best data quality in three-dimensional inspection via the platform’s system intelligence.

An outstanding feature of the new CT systems is the new smart touch operating concept that involves two monitors. One of them is arranged in a horizontal format, while the other is in a vertical format. This not only increases work ergonomics, but it also simplifies operational workflows. While one monitor is used for control and input, the other monitor displays current results on an ongoing basis. Touch-screen operation has already achieved an everyday status in private-sector applications.

The YXLON FF35 CT combines precision with versatility. With the large inspection envelope and two different X-ray tube sources, the system can take a close, critical look at large objects, or scan the details of an inspection series of smaller items with a high degree of accuracy. While doing so, the directional tube head is enhanced via the new transmission tube head FXE190.61, which is optional.

The YXLON FF20 CT, the FF35 CT’s little brother, equally fulfills the highest demands for CT system precision. It is designed to work with highly specific computed tomography data for smaller objects, such as those found in electronics and communications technology.

Intuitive Operation Using the Geminy Platform
Operation via the YXLON Geminy platform differs greatly from that of conventional computed tomography systems. The system is controlled via icons and can be operated almost completely without reading text. The intuitive operation helps staff members to acclimate quickly during initial training so that operators are able to work productively with the equipment within a short period of time. The system settings are regulated incrementally via user profiles. The individual inspections steps, along with the imaging chain contained within them, are composed of ‘smart touch‘ graphic symbols in a block diagram.

Unlike the configuration of conventional CT systems, the communication between YXLON FF35 CT or  YXLON FF20 CT users does not end when they literally leave the system. The operator can obtain information according to his or her needs via remote access using a wireless device such as a tablet, or be updated automatically via push messages. Therefore, an inspection operator can pursue other work activities while the system implements a measurement, yet he or she will be notified on a timely basis when a work process is concluded. In addition, a quality manager can receive information about the system status at all times, whether results from system tests are available or if they comply with the specifications. The quality manager receives the updates without having to perform the actual work in the CT system.

YXLON President Mr. Stefan Moll presented the newest YXLON CT systems at the CONTROL 2014 trade fair. “Our customers are driven by requirements and specifications that are becoming more and more complex as they strive toward perfection in production,” he said. “Our intuitively operable CT systems, with their precise three-dimensional data, provide real added value in this race.”

YXLON International is the world’s leading provider of X-ray inspection equipment for industrial applications. Whether operated manually, semi-automatically or on a fully automatic scale, YXLON has the right solution to match nearly every application. The company’s highest priority is placed on quality: the quality of its inspection systems, and as a result, the quality of its customers’ products. YXLON’s years of experience and its focus on innovation have enabled it to gain the confidence and trust of the most renowned manufacturers in the following industries: automotive, aviation and aerospace, shipbuilding and vessel construction, electronics and other sectors. Since 2007, YXLON International has been a member company of COMET Holding AG (Suisse).