CT and DR Software focus on automation and image quality.

Press Release Summary:

In addition to streamlined data acquisition control, efX-CT 1.6 Computed Tomography and efX-DR v1.0 Digital Radiography software includes automation features in calibration and image acquisition steps. vorteXspiral CT single pass CT scanning technique, utilizing spiral acquisition and reconstruction with digital flat-panel detector, can scan elongated objects without volume stitching. Beam-Hardening Correction Wizard minimizes/eliminates artifacts caused by absorptive features in object being scanned.

Original Press Release:

North Star Imaging, Inc. Releases efX-CT 1.6 and efX-DR 1.0

North Star Imaging has unveiled its latest versions of Computed Tomography and Digital Radiography software – efX-CT 1.6 and efX-DR 1.0.  These releases feature many new capabilities that are industry firsts and not available anywhere else in the marketplace.

The new software releases focus heavily on speed, automation, and image quality.  Throughput capabilities have been highly improved due to streamlined data acquisition control as well as extensive automation features in the system calibration and image acquisition steps.  Image quality has been greatly enhanced through updated beam-hardening correction algorithms and new features such as vorteX.  These developments allow for enhanced density segmentation as well as higher probability of detection due to noise reduction.

vorteXspiral CT is one of the most innovative developments offered with the new release. vorteX is an automated single pass computed tomography scanning technique utilizing spiral acquisition and reconstruction with a digital flat-panel detector. This technique was developed for the scanning of elongated objects that traditionally cannot fit into a single exposure.  The scan does not require volume stitching and the object length is only limited by the system scanning area.  This technology significantly improves throughput by making more efficient use of projection data.  vorteX also allows for uniform resolution in axial and sagittal slices across the entire volume and reduces or eliminates the cone angle artifacts caused by flat, planar features common in non-spiral CT techniques.

Automatic System Calibration is another key addition in this release.  This feature improves the system calibration routine by automatically determining key system parameters including geometry, magnification, and length scales and will apply automated error corrections based on the findings.  This module provides an immediate assessment of CT image quality.

The new software release also includes an intuitive Beam-Hardening Correction Wizard.  This is an easy to use, interactive beam-hardening correction tool which reduces and in many cases eliminates artifacts caused by highly absorptive features in the object being scanned.  This feature also improves segmentation accuracy and edge definition.

The latest key features are rounded out with an Independent File Viewing feature which allows a volume to be saved as an executable file for three-dimensional viewing without other volumetric viewing software.

efX-CT 1.6 and efX-DR 1.0 are the most feature packed releases provided by North Star Imaging to date.  These updates continue to push the envelope of innovation and further solidify the mission of being the Easiest, Fastest and Most Complete Industrial CT and DR Software on the Market.

For more information contact North Star Imaging: www.4nsi.com.

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