CSS Templates offer professional appearance.

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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Website Templates provide professional appearance and functionality for customer websites. Downloadable templates are designed for browser, platform, software, and resolution compatibility and feature drag-and-drop editing as well as capability to work with JavaScript and other web programming languages.

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Template Monster Restyles CSS Templates

Template Monster is the first website template provider to combine Web Design with progressive CSS technology without sacrificing quality.

BROOKLYN, N.Y., - July 9, 2004 - Template Monster, a worldwide top provider in website design templates, introduces a new product line: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Templates. Using the advantages of CSS technology, Flash, and the corporate style designs of the Template Monster design team, the company now offers easily maintained website templates of professional quality.

A CSS template has many advantages, including, but not limited to the following: better browser, platform, software and resolution compatibility; "drag 'n' drop" editing due to the absence of tables; the ability to work easily with JavaScript and other web programming languages.

The CSS templates produced at Template Monster have all of the standard CSS features plus a few not so standard ones. The addition of Flash, for example, has significantly extended design possibilities. Likewise, their ongoing cooperation with more than forty free lance designers and programmers continues to yield an incomparably diverse line of designs. Follow this link: www.templatemonster.com/website-templates/5625.html.

"Ours are not primitive designs," says Project Manager Charles Tonti. "Our templates are made by professionals, so the customer gets professional-looking results without the hassle of seeking and hiring a competent designer. We do all the work."

"Using your CSS templates is as easy as setting up a card table at a swap meet," says James, satisfied customer of Charlotte, North Carolina. "You don't have to be a HTML guru - with its crystal-clear instructions and user-friendly design every customer will love CSS templates. And they're gorgeous. Many thanks for creating such a valuable service for your customers."

Indeed, with CSS technology, creating and maintaining a website's layout is quick, easy and, thanks to the Template Monster design team and Flash, highly rewarding work. In short, it is efficiency without compromise.

About Artvertex, Inc.

Artvertex, Inc. is a worldwide leader in E-Commerce - providing customers with valuable, convenient, relevant and enjoyable online experiences through a diversity of products and services. The main orientation of the company is Web Design, with an emphasis on affordable web design products and services. More information is available at www.templatemonster.com.

About TemplateMonster.com

TemplateMonster.com (www.TemplateMonster.com) - is our "anchor". It is a first-rate E-commerce project in web design. Started in 2002 as a project of Artvertex, Inc. it was the first company to offer high quality Website Templates. TemplateMonster enjoys more than 30,000 unique visitors daily, and consistently numbers among the top 1,000 most popular websites on the Internet. For additional information please visit www.templatemonster.com.

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