CSR Brings Internet Radio to the Mass Market with Sub $15 BOM

Cambridge, UK - 6 November 2007 - CSR (LSE: CSR) today launched RadioPro, a Wi-Fi internet radio example design based on the company's UniFi single-chip Wi-Fi technology. RadioPro provides wireless streaming of internet radio via Wi-Fi, without the need for a PC and can support over 10,000 radio stations through a dedicated internet radio portal. With a bill of materials (BOM) of less than $15, CSR's RadioPro is the lowest cost internet radio solution available today, and comes with the added advantage of being software upgradeable. Already in use by a number of lead customers, radios using CSR's RadioPro will be available in shops in time for Christmas.

Figures published by RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) show that almost a quarter of the UK population listened to radio via the internet in March 2007 alone. However, as a relatively new entrant in the home entertainment arena, the initial cost for specific internet radio products has so far come with a hefty price tag of no less than $200. With a BOM under $15, CSR's RadioPro will allow ODMs to bring internet radio products to consumers at a fraction of the price that has been previously possible; taking advantage of this rising trend for internet radio broadcasting.

RadioPro uses CSR's UniFi-1 chip to connect to a dedicated internet radio portal, through a Wi-Fi access point. Once a station has been selected, RadioPro's software ensures smooth, reliable and high quality streamed audio. CSR's RadioPro also supports "over-the-air" software upgrades, allowing end users to update their products directly with new capabilities as they are made available.

Offering ODMs a quick route to market, RadioPro is available free of charge and features all the required hardware design information and software to stream live internet radio stations. RadioPro's flexible architecture allows full customisation of the user interface and menus through a dedicated Software Development Kit (SDK).

RadioPro is based on two low power chips from CSR: UniFi, CSR's single-chip Wi-Fi solution and the Multimedia Application Processor (MAP), a highly integrated chip with a RISC processor, a DSP and a stereo codec. The low power design of RadioPro boasts up to 25 hours of active streaming time running on a 1500mAH battery, enabling truly portable internet radio products.

Tracy Hopkins, Vice President of CSR's Consumer Business Unit commented, "The market forecast for internet radio products is set to increase significantly within the next two years. With a $15 BOM, CSR's RadioPro is a breakthrough design that provides ODMs with the ability to penetrate this market quickly, at lower risk and at low cost to the consumer."

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